Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caterham Seven Roadsport

Caterham Seven Roadsport 2007

For those looking for a unique look in a car that will move along at a fast clip, the 2007 Caterham Seven Roadsport may be the right choice. This car has been in production for 50 years now, and the 2007 version takes an already excellent car and makes it just a bit better. Both stiffness and rigidity have been added to the car for a better ride, and both the handling and the performance have been improved upon. While the car is a bit on the small side, and it only seats two people in it, it is definitely a great car for people who enjoy cruising around without spending a fortune in gas costs.
If you take a look at the 2007 Caterham Seven Roadsport you will quickly notice that the car boasts a traditional style that looks as if it came right out of the 1950s. While the styling of the vehicle may be traditional, you can be sure that all the parts are modern and that the latest technology is used in this car. Interestingly enough, you have two choices when you purchase this car. You can choose to have it built for you, or you can get the self build kit and actually put the car together on your own. This is definitely a fun option for those who enjoy tinkering around with cars; however, you most certainly want to be sure that you are following the directions carefully when putting it together.
While Caterham has used a variety of different engines to power their cars over the years, the news about the 2007 Caterham Seven Roadsport is that it boasts a Ford Sigma engine, which is generally used in a Ford Fiesta. This engine provides the car with plenty of power for a nice drive on the road, or even for some fun racing as well. Adding this new engine to the vehicle definitely was a good choice by Caterham, since it still has plenty of power but makes it easier to drive than before.
Although this car can be quite a bit of fun, it is definitely on the small side. For people who have longer legs or who are very tall, they may find themselves a bit cramped up in this car. Another thing about the small size is that you probably will not have much room to carry any luggage or even to carry home a few groceries; however, if you are just out for a nice drive to enjoy the weather, the 2007 Caterham Seven Roadsport is a perfect car for the job.
Of course the small size of this car has many advantages as well. It is definitely great when it comes to good fuel mileage, which is important today when gas prices are so high. In fact, as a general rule you can expect to get around 40 mpg when driving the Caterham Seven Roadsport. In some cases this car has been known to get even better gas mileage than that, making it a very economical car to drive around for enjoyment.
The 2007 Caterham Seven Roadsport does come with quite a bit of power as well. While the engine isn't huge, it produces satisfactory power and will go from 0-60 in only 5.0 seconds, which is doing pretty good. You shouldn't expect a sports car interior; in fact, while the seats are leather and there is a nice heating system, that is pretty much all you will find in the way of luxury when it comes to this car. Although the car can be fun, definitely looks great, and has power, a luxury interior is not really on the list of this cars' characteristics.
If you want a car with an engine that sounds great and that provides you with a beautiful ride and you're not really wanting to dish out the money, the 2007 Caterham Seven Roadsport is definitely one to keep in mind. Costing only about $24,000 and a bit less if you build it yourself, you can get a unique car without having to spend the big bucks. Sure, it may not really be a race car, but if cruising around with the wind blowing through your hair is what you want, this car is a great inexpensive option.
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