Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bufori Geneva Luxury Saloon 2011

Bufori is one of those odd little manufacturers which has somehow managed to survive and prosper in an environment littered with the carcasses of bankrupt, stillborn or struggling small volume car makers.
Quite how it's managed this feat is a mystery. Although the main advantages it has over the competition is a unique sense of old-world style which is difficult to find from other makers, and the fact it's one of the few low volume car producers to be located in the far east - Malaysia to be exact (also home of Lotus' parent company Proton). 
Today, BUFORI Motor Car Company (M) Sdn Bhd has unveiled, its most eagerly awaited model at the 80th Geneva International Motor Show. The car was officially presented by BUFORI Motor Car Company’s Founders at a press conference during the prestigious Swiss Motor Show. At the same occasion, the Luxury Saloon, which was previously code name Bufori MKVI, was officially named “Bufori Geneva”.Bufori Motor Company presented at the Geneva Motor Show its most awaited model, the Bufori Geneva
The model was officially launched by the founders themselves Bufori, Anthony Khouri, George and Gerry Khouri Khouri at a press conference during the Geneva Motor Show. In the Motor Show, the company unveiled the name, formerly known as Bufori MKVI."We decided to name the new model Bufori as the city where he was released, as this marks a historic event for the company. Let me also pay tribute to the 80 year history of the Motor Show."Made of Hybrid Carbon Fibre and Kevlar which is infused with Vinylester resin, the BUFORI Geneva features classic design elements with long running boards, integrated bi-xenon headlamps, and LED rear lights.
The Bufori Geneva is powered by a thoroughbred 6.1-litre V8 engine, producing an impressive 430hp and 586Nm of torque.The acceleration from 0-100 kph is under 6 seconds with a top speed of more than 260kph (estimated figures). Besides, an optional supercharger that increases the performance of the engine to 560hp and 690Nm of torque is also available.
The interior design team of the company has endeavored to create a relaxing environment, combining traditional and modern materials such as leather and wood. The center console is completely customized to the needs of most demanding owners. Some of these features include a set of tea with boiling water and a sink, coffee maker or even an ice box. An integrated thermal box and mini bar and champagne glasses, a security safe for valuables or a cigar humidor.To provide a more comfortable and safer handling, the model will have ABS, electronic brake force, brake assistance, traction control, steering angle control and cruise control.
You will have a thermal cameras in the bumpers. When activated, you can recognize pedestrians and objects up to 300 feet away and displays them on screen. Bufori Geneva production is scheduled to begin in June 2011 with the first units shipped before year end.

Source: http://3automotive.com

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