Monday, May 9, 2011

Bertone Sports Car Jaguar B99 GT 2011

Do you want a vehicle with an amazing speed and has a plush and sturdy design as well as being the fastest car on the race track. Technological development has become one of the fator that forced the producers to create a work that is different from the others. A work that is able to attract consumers to immediately have it and become one of the must-have product. Jaguar has thrived on such a powerful duality for decades, 2011 Bertone Jaguar B99 GT combining the subtleties of exclusive luxury cars perfectly suited to evening the red carpet and brute force predator like full race car perfectly suited to the race track’s free kick. For this reason 2011 Bertone Jaguar B99 GT decided to transform the B99 elegant luxury saloon into a Monster GT race track. The 2011 Bertone Jaguar B99 GT is one of the stars of the 2010 Geneva motor show. Designed as a concept for a compact Jaguar, boasts a rather muscular body, one that combines the appearance of a XJ sedan with more classical influences such as futuristic eco lights front and rear. 

The Bertone Jaguar B99 GT has a carbonfibre splitter, diffuser and flat undertray are matched with a massive bootlid wing.  There’s enormous side-exit exhausts for the range-extender generator, a 100mm lowering job and a lurid green paintjob. The giant front spoiler pulls in the cooling air while the giant rear extractor returns it. The side spoilers are filled with giant exhaust side pipes. The rear spoiler is a traditional bi-level race spoiler. The graphics are in bright fluorescent green in contrast with the silver body and the carbon fiber aerodynamics components. The roofline has been shortened and lowered in proportion to a conventional three-box body, inspired by a Jaguar cat stalking its prey. The car’s visual mass has been placed over the rear wheel, providing a ‘hip muscle’ that works with the forward-leaning grille and front end to resemble a predator ready to strike.

The Bertone Jaguar B99 GT has suicide rear doors swing open to reveal a four-seater interior trimmed in dark brown leather. There is extensive use of Ebony Makassar wood trim – flat on the dashboard and console, textured with a ripple effect on the door panels.  The instrument panel and armrests are suspended above the dashboard and console to create a floating effect. The current Jaguar retractable shift dial is retained, and a central infotainment system screen is concealed behind a wooden trip panel when not in use. If only Bertone had styled the rear view LCD displays with similar care – their rectangular leather-trimmed bezels are at odds with the gently-curved forms used extensively in the interior, and their A-pillar mounts look like an afterthought

The Bertone Jaguar B99 GT has a range-extender hybrid system that powers the B99.  Consisting of two 150kW electric motors mounted on the rear axles, and a 200bhp combustion engine, offering 70mpg range and 30g/km of CO2 emissions.  In EV mode, the B99 is claimed to have a 100 mile range. Bertone Jaguar B99 GT with two additional electric motors faced mean that GT has 972bhp all wheel drive capability.

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