Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carlsson CK35 2011

A Closer Look At The Carlsson CK35

Carlsson, a German car tuning company and manufacturer that specializes in tuning Mercedes-Benz models has released their latest product on the market. The tuning company built the Carlsson CK35 based on the Mercedes-Benz C 350, which belongs to the extensive lineup of Mercedes-Benz C-Class models.
The CK35 combined the luxurious and sporty attitude of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class models with the racing characteristics and success of Carlsson in the VLN Long Distance Trophy at the Nürburgring, Germany. Inside, the CK35 gets high-quality interior materials from Carlsson similar to those materials used by Mercedes-Benz in the interior parts of the ppular S-Class models. The CK35 features an ergonomically designed Carlsson sports steering wheel that comes in different trim options including leather, Alcantara, or wood. This will provide a firm and pleasant grip on for the driver, as well as giving an excellent riding feel.
The CK35 is equipped with a race-proven performance kit specifically developed for long distance racing events. Rolf Hartge, Chief Executive Officer of Carlsson said that this piece of high-tech engineering has been breathed on to ensure durability and great efficiency.
Under the hood of the Carlsson CK35 is a power plant that is based on the 3.5 litre V6 engine found on the Mercedes-Benz SLK models. The Carlsson engine pumps out 295 hp (217 kW) and pulls out a maximum torque output of 283 lb.-ft. (385 Nm). Zero to 62 mph acceleration can be achieved in just 6.0 seconds time, throttling with a maximum speed of 167 mph. The race-proven CK35 performance kit also comes with a stainless-steel sports rear silencer with four oval tailpipes, sports air filter, and an improved engine electronic control system (ECU).
As for a sports car, Carlsson equipped the CK35 with an aerodynamic kit to provide additional dynamic performance as well as sporty and elegant appearance. Carlsson's aerodynamic kit for the CK35 comes with a front apron, a diffuser-look apron at the rear, side mouldings, a rear spoiler, electro-polished grille insert, double-headlight units, fog lights, and uniquely shape tail lights unlike the VW tail lights on the VW Eos with oval-circle shape.
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