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SPESIFIKASI Proton Satria Neo S2000 | Rilis November

SPESIFIKASI Proton Satria Neo S2000 | Rilis November

After launching the Proton Exora President (premium) in the arena and IIMS 2010, Proton will also launch the Proton Neo S2000 Satrio hatchback engine capacity of 1600 cc 2 doors.

The plan will be launched Proton cars 20 November 2010 in Jakarta next. Cars are imported directly from Malaysia.

"20 November we launched the Proton Neo S2000 Satrio 1600 cc. The plan at the mall," said General Manager of PT Proton circulation Indonesia detikOto Mazlan told last weekend.

Proton Neo S2000 Satrio hatchback 1600 cc engine brings the Campro CPS was asked as a racing engine by Proton. Protons enter the two variants namely the transmission of both automatic and manual.

Mazlan explained, the price of Proton Satrio Neo S2000 is 1600 cc in accordance with the concept promoted. Proton Neo S2000 Satrio 1600 cc automatic cost Rp 198 million, while Proton Neo S2000 Satrio 1600 cc manual will priced USD 188 million.

"The price is very competitive and appropriate, USD 198 million for the automatic and manual USD 188 million," said Mazlan.

Mazlan hartchback two door car believed there were no rivals in Indonesia. Because different specification promoted by the cars on the market four-wheel Indonesia.

"This car is no match for him in Indonesia. Specified car in RI does not have the same with our cars that will be marketed. And the buyers are also very segmented," Mazlan believes.

2010 BMW Z4

2010 BMW Z4The new Bmw roadster has plenty of match a manual Bmw M3 coupe.

The key to this BMW Z4 is the engine twin-turbo six, which uses one turbocharger each for three cylinders, to deliver peak torque from just 1500 revs and overboost of 500 Newton-metres under high-load conditions. Peak power comes at 5900 revs, relatively low against M cars with redlines around 8000.
The double-clutch gearbox of  BMW Z4 is the best choice for this car, although it still has the adaptive suspension is set lower with the ability for more firmness and grip. The driver assist systems are also switchable to ensure maximum securiy of the new 2010 BMW Z4 .

The 2010 BMW Z4 is slightly bigger and slightly more rounded, with more cabin space .
It still has a folding hardtop that works quickly and easily, with a cabin that has the right stuff in the right places.
2010 BMW Z4 shows more poise and balance, It copes easily with the extra power and torque, and never feels to be stretched beyond its limits.

It is an extremely fast car The gearbox is terrific, although the engine will drop below ideal boost in tight corners as second is a bit too tall. It recovers boost quickly....

Engine: twin-turbo inline six
: 250kW/5900 revs
: 240Nm/1500-4500 revs, 500Nm overboost
: Seven-speed twin-clutch manumatic, rear-wheel drive.
: 0-100km/h, 4.8s
: 9L/100km.
: 210g/km CO2

Thursday, August 26, 2010

SPESIFIKASI VolksWagen Sportcar

SPESIFIKASI VolksWagen Sportcar

There is good news, here. Volkswagen finally got sportcar.factory agreed with the German cars Porsche is in a group to work together to build a sports car using the platform of the Porsche.

In fact, rumors have circulated in September. VW will use the platform mentioned Panamera with their homemade body. With it have a body, needs not only for VW only, can also be used in Bentley, Bugatti, or Audi.

In this project relies on VW platforms developed by Porsche with the Standard Modular Platform (MSB, in the German material). Machines were in front, but it was likely to move depending on the position of the powerplant used longitudinal or transverse.

It is said that this platform as a mainstay and will be in the VW Group's share to other products, like for the next generation Panamera, Cayenne and Bentley models.

Porsche decided to use this platform, the most important for cost savings. Because, with one platform can be used for several brands in the premium segment.

Do not ask about the price, would be produced only when there has been no signal from the German principals.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Eva GT Bikin Hybrid Diesel-Listrik

SPESIFIKASI Eva GT Bikin Hybrid Diesel-Listrik

One luxury car manufacturer, the Morgan Motor, apparently did not stop surprising. After the sensational Eva GT, is now being prepared Diesel-hybrid.

Charles Morgan, Managing Director of Morgan Motor Company, told Autocar, as reported by detikOto, Wednesday (08/25/2010) that after Eva GT, there will be LIFEcar 2.

Referred to as "weekend fun vehicle", this is the production version of the concept car that had launched the concept LIFEcar when mat Geneva Motor Show in 2008.

LIFEcar 2 is a sports car diesel-electric hybrid that will have a range of more than 1600 km, so that really would be a car that efficient and environmentally friendly.

Morgan said that he was very proud of how the company has grown in the last two years, but change is necessary to meet the more stringent restrictions in CO2 emissions.

"We'll probably use more efficient powerplants. But I hope will be the same construction methods," said Morgan.

Unfortunately, so far no further details about the specification of the production potential of hybrid diesel-electric sportcar, LIFEcar this second. So, we just have to wait another surprise from Morgan.

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Orlando | Lahir Bulan Depan

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Orlando | Lahir Bulan Depan

After a long awaited, Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), the latest crossover from Chevrolet, Orlando will eventually be shown at the Paris Motor Show to be held late next month.

In this event, Orlando will make her debut before marketed in Europe in the coming year 2011. Not only in Europe, PT General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (gmai) who became too distributor of Chevrolet in Indonesia had planned to bring seven seater MPV is the homeland in order to market can be enjoyed by consumers in Indonesia.

But before that happens, it's good when we peered for a moment what cars surplus is planned to be signed in Indonesia in 2011 or 2012's.

Using the base of the concept cars on display at the Paris Motor Show 2008, Orlando interested certainly be the world's attention with its dynamic form which is a blend of elegant design of the MPV and SUV handsome.

"We are glad Orlando has only velue not for money for an MPV but also to bring something fresh and useful," said president and managing director of Chevrolet Europe Wayne Brannon in the release of detikOto received, Wednesday (08/25/2010).

For the outer face, the Chevrolet Orlando is no need too much discussed. Because the concept of this car already has the aura of an elegant but sturdy masculine and cool-looking presentable.

While for the interior, the American car manufacturer presents a dual cockpit dashboard that inspired the design of the Chevrolet Corvette sports car with a touch of blue light on the console in the middle. With this design, theater-style feel of any garnish with stronger when we're in the cabin.

Moreover, this car was also equipped with various entertainment devices as well as six airbags which will certainly add a sense of comfort and safety when driving.

And because the concept is essentially the MPV, it is no wonder that this car is in excess of cabin sizes are spelled relief. With three rows of seats in the cabin, Orlando was able to carry many passengers.

Meanwhile, if you want to carry more cargo, Orlando seemed very friendly because it has a large space in the rear. Not enough? Relax, because the roof of the Chevrolet Orlando was also ready to help accommodate your luggage.

While for the affairs of the kitchen spur, Chevrolet will invite prospective customers to choose three engine choices that they provide a capacity of 1.8-liter gasoline engine with a power of 141 hp and two 2.0-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 131 hp power for a happy and relaxed way for the 163 hp like high performance cars.

Well, if you've wondered about the original form, let us look forward to Orlando in the event, which named the original Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris, which will be opened 30 September next

SPESIFIKASI Honda Jazz Versi Hybrid | Segera Hadir

SPESIFIKASI Honda Jazz Versi Hybrid | Segera Hadir

Having previously been caught testing its flagship hatchback, the Honda Jazz which has a hybrid engine, Honda will finally officially released this car.

The plan will show the Honda Jazz Honda's hybrid version at the Paris Motor Show to be held late next month.

As detikOto quote from Autocar, Wednesday (08/25/2010), in this hybrid Honda Jazz will likely give many components of its flagship hybrid car, Insight with 1.3-liter engine behind bonnet.

These machines will be side by side with the CVT gearbox. But like other hybrid at low speeds, Jazz able to advance very far without the gasoline engine and electric power solely from batteries.

Meanwhile, for the exterior, Jazz, this hybrid design is going to take its regular version but with some significant improvements like the new look headlight, clear tail-lights, new forms of fornt grill, bumper different until a few touches of chrome on the body.

Well because this is a hybrid car, Honda also claims that fuel consumption Jazz, this hybrid would be very efficient even though Honda did not provide figures for sure. Honda Jazz but reportedly, this hybrid produces only carbon emissions no more than 100 g / km with an efficiency of more than 27.6 km per liter.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Ford | Luncurkan 2 Mobil Baru |Tahun 2011

SPESIFIKASI Ford | Luncurkan 2 Mobil Baru |Tahun 2011

Do not want to lose out to other auto manufacturers in Indonesia, Ford will be pounding the ground water in the car market in 2011 with two new cars. Ford Ranger, Ford will release fecelift and New Ford Focus facelift.

"Early next year we will launch two new cars. New Ford Ranger and New Ford Focus," said President Director of PT Ford Motor Indonesia Will Angove on the sidelines of a media test drive of Ford Fiesta, as reported by Reporters detikOto M Ikhsan from Phuket, Thailand Tuesday (24/08/2010).

According to Will Angove, the two cars have undergone a refresher to appear more perfect than its predecessor.

Ford Ranger reinforced with three variants of the 2.5-liter engine intercooled turbo, 2.5 liter Turbo Intercooler and VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger), and 3.0 liters Turbointercooler and VGT.

Third runway was wearing kitchen Duratorq TDCi Commonrail technology is impressive and has a torque of 330 Nm, which is great for a 2.5-liter, while 380 Nm for the 3.0 liter.

Ford Ranger engine toughness is unquestioned. Power issued a very large, well above the average of other pick-up car with similar engine characteristics.

The existence of this new pick-up in early 2011 will certainly enliven the market pickup RI. Especially the pick-up market in Indonesia is now increasingly colored by the existence of a superior product that is claimed of their respective car manufacturers, including Mitsubishi with Strada Triton, Nissan with Frontier, Toyota
His Hilux.

Against New Focus, Ford Focus priority to release the sedan version in Indonesia than the Ford Focus hatchback version. To Focus hatchback version, Ford has not determined when to release it into the market four-wheel-soil water, so does the price Ranger and Focus sedan facelift so officially released in RI.

SPESIFIKASI Subaru Impreza WRX | Luncur Tahun Depan

SPESIFIKASI Subaru Impreza WRX | Luncur Tahun Depan

First launched in America in the carpet New York Auto Show, the latest model of the legendary World Rally Championship, Subaru Impreza WRX STI will be brought to Indonesia early next year.

It was delivered by the Senior Manager of TC Subaru, MS Perkasa on the sidelines of the event opened with Subaru in the Kitchen Sundanese restaurant, Cipete Jl Raya, Jakarta, Monday (08/23/2010) night.

"Beginning next year, the Impreza WRX STI sedan will go into the Indonesian market," said Mighty.

This 2011 model year as well as proving the existence of Subaru in the sports car segment that seemed to not want to be left out just like that, having had time to withdraw from the WRC a few years ago.

This four-door sedan has been engineered to be faster, with the front of a larger rear stabilizer bar also applications, and sub-frame that is stiffer rear bushings.

Also, of course, rear spoiler as the icon of the Impreza WRX STI is maintained with the revision to increase downforce, while reducing the overall coefficient of drag cars.

The engine is turbocharged STI still rely VMAR BOXER engine, powered dk 305 and 290 lb-ft of torque, paired with six-speed manual transmission and Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

In addition, rally sport-tuned suspension, Brembo braking system exclusive, and the Driver Controlled Centre Differential (DCCD) to help maintain power output.

SPESIFIKASI Subaru FT-86 | Datang di Indonesia

SPESIFIKASI Subaru FT-86 | Datang di Indonesia

Subaru concept car development results in collaboration with Toyota, namely the FT-86 has yet to be mass produced. Now, if ready made, Subaru will stretcher to Indonesia.

Senior Manager of TC Subaru MS Perkasa, disclose that possibility, if not impossible Subaru sports car will also bring it to Indonesia.

"The possibility was brought up here (Indonesia) there must be dong, but may still be a long time," he said on the sidelines of breaking fast Subaru, in the Sunda Kitchen restaurant, Cipete Jl Raya, Jakarta, Monday (23/08/2010) night.

Moreover, continued the Mighty, the trend of Indonesian people who like a premium sports car, although it will be high priced will still be purchased as well.

Toyota concept car, own the FT-86 was first shown in competition at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show ago and plans soon to be released version of mass production in early 2011 in Japan next.

Although developed together with Toyota, but the engine will rely on a capacity of 2.0 liter Subaru Boxer turbocharger, the power abtara estimated 160-308 hp.

FT-86 using the Subaru brand will reportedly be sold at higher prices than Toyota, which reaches 3 million yen (24 037 euros) or approximately USD 299 million in Japan.

As quoted topspeed, FT-86 version will use the platform's Subaru Legacy. Behind the sporty body is FT-86
adopt a capacity of 2.0 liter engine 6 speed manual transmission rear wheel motion, similar to the Toyota engine peg FT-86.

But where difference is FT-86 Subaru engine is more responsive to bursts of energy at 260 hp while Toyota Ft-86 is only 220 hp.

Subaru body Design FT-86 is very macho, by bringing kinetic design (like a car moving though silent). Pull-pull on the body is clearly visible from the front to the buttock.

Adopting a more wide rim adds if Subaru FT-86 is very tough for racing-kebutan invited on the streets.

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SPESIFIKASI KIA Pride Special Edition

SPESIFIKASI KIA Pride Special Edition

Recently launched in mid 2010, the New Pride hatchback was dressed again by PT KIA Mobil Indonesia. Is this New Limited Edition of KIA Pride.

In response, the Director of Marketing PT KIA Mobil Indonesia, Hartanto Sukmono humbly admit that the New Pride was already in the dressing.

"But not the Limited Edition, only an optional course, if consumers are interested can order," he said when contacted by phone, Monday (23/08/2010).

For the model itself, added Hartanto, MCH has been displaying this at the New Pride hatchback carpet Indonesia International Motor Show in 2010 and then, and now consumers can make a reservation.

The changes are focused on the sector to make it look more sporty appearance, like the design of new pelk, aerokit, as well as the latest hatchback rear spoiler of this KIA mainstay.

Meanwhile, for the price, obviously there is an increase, but the amount is adjusted from the choices that consumers want the option ornamentals. "It is expensive, fixed according to the price," lid Hartanto.



Mazda AZ Wagon from now present their new models. This time it was more practical because it is equipped with a continuously variable transmission with a special emblem XS.

Offered not only practical, but also the fuel consumption of this mini-wagon would have been better around 0.5 km per liter from the previous model, as reported by the official website of Mazda, Monday (23/08/2010).

Mazda AZ Wagon's fuel consumption with a capacity of 660 DOHC VVT engine is claimed to have traveled the manufacturer about 23.5 km to a liter of gasoline.

Thus, front-drive car (FWD), which has also been supported turbocharger is eligible for the program the green cars that get tax incentives in Japan.

AZ Wagon Features at CVT XS is also equipped with features low / high two-stage gear sets, so it can add power at low speeds, and fuel efficient at high speeds.

Especially with the Eco-drive indicator feature, so that when the car is running, the driver can know the range of the most efficient use of fuel.

Eco-drive monitor fuel usage in real-time and the forces acting on the gas pedal, the lights on the dashboard lights up when the car is running with the efficient use of fuel.

MODIFIKASI Vauxhall Red Victor 3 | Tenaganya Sampai 3.000 hp

MODIFIKASI Vauxhall Red Victor 3 | Tenaganya Sampai 3.000 hp

Your car enthusiast power probably will not wait to watch this one. Cars with awesome power 3000 hp!

Patience, patience, yes, this car will be introduced in the VXR Power Festival at the end of August 2010 Northamptonshire this.

Vauxhall car manufacturers will launch their most powerful and fastest model ever, which they call 'Red Victor 3'.

Red Victor 3 nin armed with a capacity of 8.8 liter V8 engine with twin-turbocharged GM is providing a total maximum power that can be produced to reach 3000 HP.

The car was inspired by Vauxhall Victor FD 1967 and is a collaboration between Victor Red VXR and the team that will partners for carpet MSA Pro Modified Drag Racing-2011.

Team builders predict a top speed of Red Victor 3 reaches 386 km per hour, and speed is achieved in about 6.5 seconds.

Just so you know, their last project, namely the Red Victor 2, is able to record the speed performance of nearly 321 km per hour, and the speed of 246 km per hour only be within 4.8 seconds.

"We look forward to working with Andy Frost, the creator of Red Victor and his team next year and see this as a big game for the VXR brand," said Vauxhall Group Product Manager, Stuart Harris, as reported by Topspeed, Monday (08/22/2010)

SPESIFIKASI BMW Terbaru | 335i, 320i dan 135i

SPESIFIKASI BMW Terbaru | 335i, 320i dan 135i

Bayerische Motoren Werke, or better known as BMW, adding another three models it markets in Indonesia, the 335i and 320i kupe and 135i.

"Series 3 kupe intended for personal need to be different," said Ramesh Divyanathan, President Director of PT BMW Indonesia when launching the car at the Grand Hotel Indonesia Kempiski. Because of that, the transplanted engine for this car try 3.000cc, 6-cylinder, twin turbochargers and direct injection (for the 335i and 135i). This is the same engine used in 535i. While for the 320i, using four-cylinder engine, 2000 cc.

320i is expected to reach consumers further down again, particularly those who are not too dizzy with energy yet still look stylish. Therefore, from these three new kupe, 320i lowest price. The full, 335i sold under USD 1088 million, 135i and 320i Rp808 million, Rp778 million (all off-road) in Jakarta.

Especially for the 335i and 135i, leather wrapped wheel, equipped with multifunction buttons to operate the plus paddle shift gear manually. Transmission is used, seven-speed automatic with double clutch.

With paddle shift, acceleration capability can be accelerated (no need to wait stepped on the gas pedal and hold to move the teeth). Fuel consumption is also a diirit since the car could glide on the middle and round rendan because teeth can be moved higher position.

Completeness is another sport seat design that can be adjusted by simply pushing the button (electric), both for driver and passenger. Special 335i, using the Harman Kardon audio system (surround sound) with 13 speakers and a 420W amplifier.

Other equipment, the latest generation iDrive, 8-inch LCD screen that can be enabled as a TV, play DVDs or connected with USB and bluetooth. Other features, adaptive headlight, comfort access system and electric glass roof.

There are also hill start assistant (special 335i and 135i) that allows the driver to work when stopped at a hill. With these features, if you want the road, the driver does not need to rush the gas pedal to prevent the car back. More precisely, it prevented the car backwards!

Equipped 320i six-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. There's also the iDrive, 8-inch monitor with a TV and DVD functions on the dashboard, connect the USB, bluetooth and audio with 180 watt amplifier and eight speakers.

Safety equipment supplied to third this kupe airbags for driver and front passenger, active headrest, dynamic braking lights, Dynamic Stability Control with ABS, Cornering Brake Control, Dynamic Traction Control and Run Flat Tires.

Especially for the 135i, because the same engine and transmission with the 335i (and 535i), a compact kupe very powerful in its class!

Specifications 335i, 320 and 135i Kupe
Dimensions (mm) 335i 320i 135i
Length 4612 4612 4360
Width 1782 1782 1748
Height 1392 1395 1408
Wheelbase 2760 2760 2660
Automatic transmission,
7 acceleration,
dual clutch automatic,
Steptronic automatic,
7 acceleration,
double clutch
Inline six-cylinder type,
Twin-turbo four-cylinder inline slinder 6,
Twin turbo
Capacity 3000 cc 2000 3000
Power max. PS @ rpm 306@5.800 156@6.400 306@5.800
Torque max. Nm @ rpm 400@1.200-5.000 2000@3.600 400@1.200-5.000
Fuel Consumption km / l 11.9 12.3 10.8
0-100 km / h (seconds)
5.5 9.7 5.2
Size of tires and wheels
225/45R17 front and rear
255/40R17 225/45R17 215/40R18

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SPESIFIKASI Hyundai C-Segment | Luncurkan Bulan Januari 2011

SPESIFIKASI Hyundai C-Segment | Luncurkan Bulan Januari 2011

Like do not want to miss the momentum, the South Korean carmaker, Hyundai Volkswagen followed by issuing a sedan specifically for the Russian market.

Previously, Volkswagen is knowingly give birth to a VW Polo sedan model specifically for this country. And the targeted market between Hyundai and VW are likely to crash.

As quoted leflanenews, Sunday (22/08/2010) Hyundai sedan which will be named Hyundai C-Segment is made with Elentra platform and is planned to be issued in January 2011 next month.

Detailed specification is not yet known about this car. But this possibility Anyar car will be equipped with 4.1 liter engine-powered 1.6-liter 109 hp or 122 hp power.

Also like the suspension specifications and features that will be tailored to the road conditions in Russia. Not only that, the price is likely also will be adjusted to bag the Russians. Some say this Hyundai sedan will be released starting from U.S. $ 10 thousand or approximately USD 90 millions.

Hyundai C-Segment will be made at the Hyundai plant in their factory in St. Petersburg in September this done before its official launch in January.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

SPESIFIKASI KIA | POP | Mobil Listrik Unik

SPESIFIKASI KIA | POP | Mobil Listrik Unik

Automotive performance in French, Paris Motor Show, in October not to be missed by Kia for the concept car displays, POP. The published form of this still image and saving some detail the car manufacturers to make display in Paris, later.

South Korean car manufacturer claims that the POP is an electric car with unique design. This is mainly on the interior designed in the composition of three seats and the front can be rotated to provide a larger space when the passenger was about to go backwards.

For dimensions, POP 10 inches longer than the Smart Fortwo and not until three meters high. Talk categories, there is no certainty whether the POP will be the city car.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail | Ekspor ke Malaysia

SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail | Ekspor ke Malaysia

Indonesia-Malaysia relations sometimes heated, but it did not hinder the Nissan Motor Indonesia to open the Malaysian market.

Nissan X-Trail will export 2.0-liter, assembled in Indonesia to Malaysia. The move was made considering the huge demand Nissan X-Trail 2.0-liter in Malaysia.

President Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, Takayuki Kimura said this at the sidelines of the opening together at a restaurant in the area of Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Wednesday (08/18/2010), tonight.

"Now in addition to Thailand, we are also exporting the Nissan X-Trail 2.0 to Malaysia," said Takayuki.

Nissan X-Trail exports to Thailand and Malaysia was conducted from
January to December 2010. While the Nissan X-Trail enthusiasts in Thailand make a Nissan Motor Indonesia to increase the supply which had averaged only 600 units to 1,000 units per annum.

"For Thailand, that was just 600 units to 1000 units while to Malaysia as many as 1005 units per year," he said.

MODIFIKASI BMW M5 Sedan | Terkencang di Dunia

MODIFIKASI BMW M5 Sedan | Terkencang di Dunia

German tuning company G-Power claims they have managed to modify a BMW M5 and make the car as a sedan model of the fastest cars in the world.

Gizmag reported yesterday, Thursday (8/19/2010) BMW M5 G-Power mixing results are capable of reaching 372 km per hour and tear the previous record of 367.4 km per hour they have created themselves in earlier this year.

To achieve these impressive figures do G-Power twin-supercharger system redesign of the Hurricane, RR V10 engine. G-Power also replace two ASA T1-313 supercharger that they use in solving the previous record with a bigger supercharger, ASA T1-316. They also create air space 25 percent larger on the machine.

With these modifications the car made G-Power can remove power to more than 900 hp and accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 4.35 seconds, up to 200 km per hour in 9.5 seconds and reaches 300 km per hour in just 25.8 seconds.

Besides the body kit on this car is also applied to provide increased downforce and air flow to cool the engine significantly.

The good news, the G-Power was willing to make these cars for the enthusiast who own pace and are willing to spend up to 300 thousand Euros or approximately USD 3.46 billion,

MODIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz SL 350 | Berpintu Scissor

MODIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz SL 350 | Berpintu Scissor

Mercedes SL350 you see this is not abroad, but in Indonesia. Only, always deh, the owner refused to appear and called his name. German sports sedan was already starting debut and received a touch of class.

Views figure Grand Tourer production in 2009 was the last generation, so graceful and elegant with a sporty feel of the incarnated in the body is colored silver. hang outSLR-style baby is very thick when a pair of Scissor type doors open.

"I want to display unusual. So, I use the Lambo-style doors," which has a call. To change it, a pair of scissors made by the LSD door model (already constructed bolt on) was imported from Germany. So, from hinges to bolt the doors have been adjusted for the construction of SL.

In the body, many Brabus kit attached to give the impression aggressive. Like the bumper also be ordered directly from Germany. If you have a AMG too ordinary wear. If you have Lorinser line is too sharp and weird designs, said the owner.

Pros have a Brabus SL is able to strengthen the character whose body cool become sintel. And still comfortable daily wear. "I'm just adding a thin spoiler lips to make it look more sporty," said the pemlik.

From the body moved to the legs. Selected alloy wheels Project Kahn RS-L 21x size (9.5 +10.5) because its design is capable of making SL a more sexy and appear larger diameter wheels in the wheel room. more primary again, creating a display near-perfect SL350.

For business details, the owner of the car quite observant. To be certain parts of the body protruding given carbon accents, like the fin front, grille, spoiler and diffuser lips. quinine sporty impression even stronger.

To reinforce the sporty look of not just the body, until the interior were carried out. Especially on the steering wheel which replaced a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. The advantage of this steering wheel, sporty design, and redeemed, he said Rp45 million.

Now look even more grim SL.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Volkswagen | Perkenalkan Crosstouran

SPESIFIKASI Volkswagen | Perkenalkan Crosstouran

Last April, Volkswagen has launched a multi-purpose vehicle Touran facelift. Now, principals Germans launched a new variant, CrossTouran, to complement another model that has already launched, namely CrossPolo and CrossGolf.

CrossTouran is a development of previous Touran compact MPV model. Changes only at the front and rear bumpers, all four wheels using 17-inch alloy wheels, high ground clearance over 20 millimeters, and an upgraded suspension capabilities.

In addition, this variant is also equipped with roof rack manufacturer based congenital aluminum, stainless-steel trim, power windows, front seat had been upgraded, and leather wrapping on the steering wheel and gear lever.

For the choice of engines, VW membekalinya with gasoline engines, diesel, gas or alternative fuels. Capacity, there is a powered up to 170 dk 105 dk.

There are currently no plans regarding the launch CrossTouran in Indonesia. Currently, VW is still marketing the old Touran first launched last year and already assembled locally CKD alias.

Over price, with the tag of removable CrossTouran 35 490 U.S. dollar or USD 318.16 million for the European market.

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Lamborghini | Siapkan Supercar Empat Pintu

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Lamborghini | Siapkan Supercar Empat Pintu

Super car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini SpA is planning for a revolution. If they had been known only to produce a car-door sports car two kinds Murchielago or Gallardo, potfolio soon they will grow.

Lamborghini because it intends to make four-door sedan, just like any other sedan cars.

"(Besides Murchielago and Gallardo) The third model will be very good. A four-door car will be a very reasonable approach," said Chief Executive Officer of Lamborghini Stephan Winkelmann like detikOto quotation from Autonews, Tuesday (17/08/2010).

Developing this four-door sedan to answer the challenge even as producers of other super cars such as Maserati and Aston Martin which has been previously issued a Maserati Quattroporte four-door sedan and Aston Martin Lagonda Rapide.

"I'll definitely be excited to see the Lamborghini sedan, which will become something entirely new," said Dieter Niederfriniger, a lover who has a Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago SuperVeloce.

Lamborghini, until now, never produced a sedan. Italian producers 40 years ago this was never built a four-door car but the newfangled cpupe called Espada. But this car was stopped production in 1978.

Winkelmann also showed a sedan called the Estoque on the year 2008. But until recently the concept has not been built at all.

When Lamborghini managed to make four-door sedan, most analysts say this Lamborghini will be able to compete with the Panamera, built by Porsche AG, which is now merged with Volkswagen

SPESIFIKASI Lancia Stratos Prototipe dan Stratos | Hadir di Jerman

SPESIFIKASI Lancia Stratos Prototipe dan Stratos | Hadir di Jerman

Last week, Lancia Stratos has been showing that the paparazzi were arrested at the track testing Bolloco test. At that time, all information is still too few. Now, the legend of Italian cars in the world rally event it seems Stratos ready to be introduced to the public.

Stratos new generation that looks almost no different with a rally version of the 1970s was designed by Jason Castriota. He has worked at the Pininfarina design house in the last two years.

Uniquely, this project actually comes not directly from the manufacturer Lancia. Rather order from Michael Stoschek, CEO Brose KG, a supplier to one of the principal components of German cars. It is said that this concept car will be produced is limited.

So what kind of specifications? capacity 4.3 L V8 engine with 503 PS power, together with the Scuderia Ferrari F430 engine. Bodi using carbon fiber material, which weighs 1.240kg, 108 kg lighter than the Scuderia.

This sporty two-door sedan was dijajal by former F1 Tiago Monteiro pebalap. What is the maximum speed reached or acceleration, still a secret. But the maximum number indicated on the speedometer 360 km / hr.

The plan, Stratos will mejeng exhibited at the Paris Auto Show. After that, Stoschek mintan at Pininfarina to produce 20 units first.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

MODIFIKASI Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

MODIFIKASI Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

If a body color of calm and there are no towering rear spoiler, perhaps no one looked at the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X that when passing on the highway. Because, from the exterior side of no extreme modification, except in the four wheels wearing 19-inch alloy wheels and wings.

Indeed, the owner (name not mentioned) intentionally modify the style of street racing that can be used daily. She admitted to be lazy if modifikasi too complicated.

While the choice fell on the Evo X because the machine has been equipped 4B11T turbo coded, so that labor standards are pretty tight.

Street racing-style thick enough liked owners. Light color, orange is selected here, so typical of racing. Only, the whole body is not painted but covered with stickers from Oracal. 'Body stickers for a while due to join the contest,' clearly Mr.N.

Other racing characteristics, body filled with a variety of writings, all supporters of that flow. Like the hood there is HKS, the power distributor device ever wore twin type. But less responsive, eventually replaced Carbonetics (written on door) type twin plate.

Then, there are so Haltech ECU choice to replace EcuTek. Recognized strength increased dramatically, but still can be used daily. There's more Brian Crower writing, no other back who has degrees in 2720 at the inlet and exhaust channels. The elevator itself is at 5 mm, so the power band in the rotation high engine can be more bark.

Then, behind the posts AP Racing is the speed with stoppers framework celiper set 6 pot front and four pots at the back. The price of Rp60 million.

Thus, the concept of street racing can be read from the paper stuck to the entire body

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki KizashI | Akan meluncur di indonesia

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki KizashI | Akan meluncur di indonesia

Suzuki Kizashi sedan market soon greeted homeland. Sales Indomobil Suzuki brand holders also currently weigh weigh-in order to competitively priced.

though not yet to say when it will start to market, but Marketing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales, Endro Nugroho confirm certainty Kizashi will be marketed in Indonesia.

A long wait, because the presence of medium sedan from Suzuki has been busy since the year 2009 discussed earlier, even the carpet Indonesia International Motor Show this sedan even go on display.

"We still weigh-weigh the price, so competitive with its competitors, will be invited to why if it's already ready to launch," said Endro, open the sidelines with Suzuki in the Suzuki dealership in Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Friday (13/08/2010)

Currently Suzuki still see the value of the rupiah against the yen, the yen exchange rate also continued to strengthen against the dollar, which would affect the selling price later.

Suzuki's flagship sedan has been the medium is really very tempting, especially with the addition of bodi which makes it even more muscular.

Application of large grille, body side sill extensions, chrome lower side molding, trunk mounted spoiler, and a rim 18 inches makes it looks very sporty and exotic.

So also is felt when you sat behind the steering wheel that has been styled racing, also a sitting position due to the racing seat, including the shift knob.

Kizashi pinned-capacity 2.4-liter engine, DOHC four-cylinder. Machines are also used on the Grand Vitara is storing energy for 185 dk.

Friday, August 13, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Mazda2 versi hatchback | Gesit dan Gaya

SPESIFIKASI Mazda2 versi hatchback | Gesit dan Gaya

PT Mazda Motor Indonesia does not seem like the concept that stylish fashion attached only on Mazda2 hatchback version. In order to further reinforce that image, Be Mazda2 sedan version.

From the front, may not be possible to distinguish with hatchbacknya version, but with the addition of 331 mm long, when a backward glance, you'll see more stern.

Yes, although transformed into sedan form, the design remains attractive segmented small sedan. Mazda2 sedan managed to prove himself not sekonvensional its competitors in its class.

Technical Specifications

Type 4-door sedan
MZR inline-four-cylinder, 16 valve DOHC, SVT, ETC.
1500 cc
Maximum Power
Ps 103
Peak torque of 135 Nm
Fuel Consumption
1:14 l / km (average)
USD 220-245 Million On The Road

Entry into the cabin too, no different from the hatchback version, unless of course, two tone color selection on jok, who made shades of elegant style sedan.

So does that remain the same sitting position with the hatchback version, however, there's more comfort in this sedan version. At least about the suspension damping.

Although still feels hard, but will not be until the rival Mazda2 hatchback which is designed for the driver to feel the sensation of sporty driving. Mazda2 sedan is more tender when passing a bumpy road.

Likewise when spurred handling in high speed. The aggressive suspension settings, making its control more enjoyable when driven.

Now it's time the gas pedal on the Mazda2 sedan type RA / T which is given to detikOto to try, as evidenced by the Mazda2 sedan, sedans if not always have a soft acceleration.

MZR 1.5L engine, inline-four-cylinder, DOHC 16 valve with Sequential Valve Timing (SVT) and Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) located behind the hood of the Mazda2 sedan is very dynamic.

Maximum power of 103 PS at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 135 NM at 4,000 rpm, can really satisfy the instincts of a hungry young riders a responsive and dynamic acceleration.

And although the responsive and nimble, fuel consumption remained practically friendly to youth. On the Multi Information Display, listed number one liter can cover the distance 14.7 km. Not bad for a bag of college kids and new staff.

PT Mazda Motor Indonesia price Mazda2 sedan with a choice of type BC / T release USD 220 million. While type S A / T USD 230 million. While the Mazda2 Sedan RM / T cost Rp 236.5 million and the type of RA / T USD 245 million.

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Maruti | Perkenalkan Lima Suzuki CNG

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Maruti | Perkenalkan Lima Suzuki CNG

India's largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India Ltd to make a big step for the automotive industry in his country. They introduced five models that use fuel compressed natural gas (CNG), today (13/08/2010). This step is done because the demand for environmentally friendly vehicles.

Used cars Suzuki SX-4, Eeco (van), and dqari group of small vehicles, ie, Alto, WagonR and Zen Love.

"This is the first example of a car manufacturer that has developed and launched a CNG-fueled engines for the Indian market," said Managing Director Shinzo Nakanishi Maruti.

According to Maruti, in addition to the demands of eco-friendly, the use of CNG or LPG due to high prices of gasoline and diesel. So, before coming to a dealer, consumers have been offered at an affordable price and the fuel is not expensive.

Maruti is hardly a pioneer with CNGnya. Chevrolet also has played a role in building a CNG vehicle through the Aveo. Toyota was also already apply to the Corolla and Innova.

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Orlando

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Orlando

Chevrolet Orlando news is going to enliven the Indonesian market, would seem to be true. Although the GM Autoworld Indonesia (gmai), ATPM Chevrolet in Indonesia - had not yet given the signal. Because, in China's multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is black GM seized the camera is doing a free trial. .

GM has not commented on the related parties 'arrest' of Orlando by the paparazzi cameras. If it went to Indonesia, he will compete with the Kijang Innova (machines), including the Honda Freed (price).

Orlando was developed from the same platform with the Cruze sedan, but more stretched dimension to 2760 millimeters. Promoted type of diesel engine capacity of 2.0 L is powered 150 dk. In addition, GM rumor is also preparing a hybrid version.

There is no certainty launching. But, reportedly, GM pick event Pris Auto Show, next October as the debut appearance. If in China, Guangzhou Auto Show exhibition would seem to be the right time to launch this product to market.

Well, Orlando is one of GM's global product produced for markets around the world. This means that the opportunity would not go too close to Indonesia, first saw its market characteristics. We are just waiting for her presence,

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Infiniti | Luncurkan IPL G Coupe

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Infiniti | Luncurkan IPL G Coupe

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia mid-June and has just announced it will bring to Indonesia Infiniti began early in 2011, one type of G Coupe. While in the United States, premium sedan is ready to launch its latest model of Infiniti Performance Line (IPL), G37 Coupe, this weekend.

For engines still rely on code-capacity VQ37HR 3.7 L V6 DOHC 24-valve, such as when introduced in 2008. Only, for this new model, re calibarisioned ECU, plus a new exhaust system. With this touch, power fueled initially be 330 PS 348 PS at 7400 rpm and 276 pound-feet of torque. This car is equipped with viscous limited-slip differential (VLSD).

"IPL is believed will create a new level premium car, far left earlier with the equipment to be upgraded to reflect the Infiniti with soulful inspiration. This product combines various elements simultaneously, ability, acceleration, comfort and good handling," explained Ben Poore, Infiniti's vice president.

Consumers only offered two choices of color, namely Graphite Black Shadow and Malbec. For comfort in the cabin, Infiniti offers a premium Bose audio package, navigation system, 9.2 Giga Bytes memory, voice recognition for navigasiaudio, memory for seat position, rear camera and sensors, and moonroof.

According to the Infiniti G Coupe IPL for a while this will only be marketed specifically for North America. But, some countries more prepared marketing purposes, do not close the possibility one of them Indonesian. T

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Honda Jazz X Grade

SPESIFIKASI Honda Jazz X Grade

Appear more stylish and the addition of several new features, Honda introduced the latest version of the hatchback Famous, Honda Jazz, Honda Jazz which is now labeled X.

Honda Jazz X is presented to provide a premium driving experience, and cater for the Indian market, the price tag of U.S. $ 16,260 or approximately USD 145 millions.

Honda Jazz X comes with the addition of a smart exterior design, which also features a new interior, and a few accessories and the latest design rim.

Front grille that is designed more elegantly with the body color of a sweetened with chrome on the list and foglamp surounding that integrates with the water flow, a differentiator X Jazz with other Jazz version.

The interior now has a two-color scheme of blue and black. Rear parcel shelf, height adjustable driver's seat function and USB ports would add more comfort inside the cabin.

Fun, if the Indonesian Jazz 1500 cc engine, well in India this X Jazz hood accommodates 1198 cc four-cylinder engine VTEC is capable of producing 89 hp power.

Honda Honda Jazz in India Price X is costing U.S. $ 16,260 or approximately USD 145 millions.

"We are very pleased to expand the preferred variant for our customers with a Honda Jazz Jazz is the new X-Grade," said Marketing Director of Honda Siel Cars India Pvt India, Tatsuya Natsume, as reported by the official site of Honda India, Thursday (08/12/2010)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Honda Fit Hybrid | Meluncur Bulan ulan Oktober

SPESIFIKASI Honda Fit Hybrid | Meluncur Bulan ulan Oktober

Green car competition increasingly fierce affordable. Now turn to Honda Motor Co., which makes the months of October this year as the momentum of the birth of the cheapest hybrid in Japan.

The popular hatchback car, Honda Fit, known as Honda Jazz in Indonesia, will be pinned to the electric motor and will be marketed with a price of 1.59 million yen or USD 165 million.

As reported by Reuters on Tuesday (08/10/2010) the presence of a compact Honda Fit hybrid is, at once will make it the cheapest hybrid car in Japan.

Cars could be cheaper thanks to a green car purchase subsidy programs in Japan, which makes hybrid cars have become popular in the market for new passenger cars in recent months.

Hybrid Honda Fit will be worth about 400,000 yen more expensive than petrol engine version of the Honda Fit, but it will be 300 000 yen cheaper than the Honda Insight, which is currently the cheapest hybrid models in Japan.

And by granting subsidies to the expiration of green cars in Japan at the end of next month, then the situation will make the competition more fierce segmented green cars, especially for his eternal rival, Toyota.

Monday, August 9, 2010



Apparently his BMW through ATPM PT BMW Indonesia, want to pitch yourself in this premium SUV class. By relying on diesel engine 2000 cc, BMW X1 20d sDrive ready target young people who want to enjoy the sensation of driving a compact SUV. Through the X1, BMW is introducing its modern diesel engine is also able to meet desire whoever was behind the wheel of the SUV worth USD 688 million (off the road) this.

Low body
Sports shades are still somewhat visible through this ride. Body considered low when juxtaposed with other SUVs like the Nissan X-Trail or Honda CR-V and the Audi Q7. Sign in to did not like riding in SUVs, with a long engine hood, like riding a coupe.

In his cabin, modern nuances are still hovering, still impressive though simple without too many knick knacks. Button start / stop engine, then the second bench seat in front of electrical facilities and a special memory in the driver's seat, as well as individual air conditioning and audio facilities. Things like this used to belong to the BMW class cars.

Baseball wanted to linger staring at the contents of the cabin, just take a car with a maximum of 350 machines Nm/1.750-3.000 torsi this rpm. Indeed, the voice of common-rail diesel engine sounds quite smooth, although compared with the gasoline engine still lost silent.

But the pull, not kidding. Rely on such torque, stamped on the accelerator until then feel stuck? Her back seemed to be withdrawn so that the passenger seat would not stay away. And it goes on until the car is 6 speed Steptronic quickly dashed.
When tested, from rest to a speed of 100 km / h, the BMW X1 20d sDrive this, just need time in the range of 9 seconds. Obviously without the thick smoke like the exhaust of diesel engines of old. This tug of course not separated from the role of the snail aka turbo with a variable intake geometry.

Speeding was a goal when driving this rear-wheel-mounts. With sporty character figure of SUVs but, certainly make anyone who was behind the wheel to accelerate rapidly in various road conditions.

On winding roads, the stability of X1 may be relied upon, swing body not too much, certainly not the result of a tall figure, plus the suspension of support for speeding.

Unfortunately the great suspension for speeding but less comfortable on the road this ugly, because Slash feels somewhat hard. A consequence of the stability on the asphalt.

There is another thing that helps when speeding. When cornering, and when forced to brake suddenly seem to be helped by a facility Cornering Brake Control which ensure the car with Run Flat Tyres 17 inch size is no twist.

Now, stylish and taut with diesel ride? Baseball problem! Because it is a trend the world has led to large torsi machine environmentally friendly and fuel economy like this X1 BMW engine.

SPESIFIKASI Toyota Etios | luncurkan Desember

SPESIFIKASI Toyota Etios | luncurkan Desember

Toyota Motor Corp. or the TMC has decided to introduce a small car, Etios, the fastest this year as well. This information is conveyed by Hiroshi Nakagawa, Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Manager, the company that worked with Kirloskar Group.

"Etios will be launched next December or January if not next year, for the Indian market. Just then the target will be determined, all will be exported," said Nakagawa quoted by Press Trust of India.

Nakagawa expressed, for the first year, sales of 70,000 units targeted Etios. Meanwhile, he had not leaked the information the official price of the vehicle.

In addition, there is also another question: which would be launched Etios it tangible or hacthback sedan However, if we listen to the words above, "small car", then it is probable that comes out is the hatchback version.

Friday, August 6, 2010

SPESIFIKASI All-New Yaris | Muncul Tahun Depan

SPESIFIKASI All-New Yaris | Muncul Tahun Depan

In Indonesia, PT Toyota Astra Motor, or TAM has just introduced the latest variant of the Yaris, TRD Sportivo, in May. Apparently, the blue continent, Europe, Toyota was testing the latest version of a small hatchback that has far more refreshed appearance. Understandably, the latest Yaris is really new and not yet marketed in Europe.

The moment captured the espionage automotive sites. For example, as disclosed Leftlanenews, which informs that Toyota was preparing to soon launch the latest Yaris to the market.

Appearance of the new Yaris is more dynamic with more length and width dimensions than the current version.

On the exterior, visible changes are not striking and instead tend to minimalist. Only, the design of the front headlights, taillights, bumpers, and grille is somewhat different.

In Europe, the Yaris is equipped with four-cylinder gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters. Also rumored, is currently brewing Toyota hybrid versions. However, in order to sell it, still needs time.

Reportedly, this new model began to be marketed from next year. Nevertheless, this new hatchback effective spread globally in 2012.

SPESIFIKASI VW Beetle | Lari Pakai Tinja

SPESIFIKASI VW Beetle | Lari Pakai Tinja

Biogas from human excreta for electricity? That may have been unusual, but to run a car, it's just incredible. Yes, to run a VW Beetle car was used methane gas from human feces!

Make no mistake, though wearing feces gas, open the roof of the VW Beetle could be speeding, even reaching the speed of 183 km per hour. There are 'dirt' that comes out is not ya?

However, due to methane gas use, emissions are much cleaner fuel than cars. Named Bio-Bug, Beetle, with a capacity of 2000 cc of this performance is not inferior to conventional fuels.

As quoted, Friday (6/8/2010), the leadership of Mohammed Saddiq GENeco, feces of 70 houses is enough to run this frog until 16 000 km more than or equal to a year's time the car travel in the UK.

"Previously, the gas from the feces has not been clean enough to run cars, but thanks to modern technology, Bio-Bug we can go as a conventional car and can use a replaceable fuel," he said.

But that does not mean this car really free fuel. To start, these cars require unleaded gasoline, and then after a hot engine, then the methane gas is channeled.

"If you drive this car, you will not be realized if you are using biogas, because the car drove just like using regular fuel," he said.