Thursday, August 5, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Eco Car | Masuk Indonesia 2011

SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Eco Car | Masuk Indonesia 2011

Be first to market eco Nissan car in Thailand later this year, but in Indonesia's most likely the first Mitsubishi. This signal is delivered by a Mitsubishi car manufacturers in Indonesia, PT Krama Yudha Three Berlian Motors has declared its intention.

As is known, the country is of concern to the White Elephant Eco Car program. Targets, among them, wanted to attract fresh investment into the country. Thailand managed to maximize environmental issues and fuel savings to make the production base. Moreover, with the lure of incentives being offered.

"But, could-be eco car first came to Indonesia. Early next year seems to have started production and Indonesia would be one of the market," said Rizwan Alamsjah, Marketing Director of KTB when talking with, in Donegal, yesterday.

Reportedly, the eco car will be equipped with Mitsubishi's 1.3 liter engine capacity. Economical, environmentally friendly, and competitive pricing to be one advantage. If in Indonesia, bringing Nissan MICRA is fully decomposed or completely knocked down (CKD) sets from Thailand, to Mitsubishi there is no information from the KTB. "If imports had not been discussed, I'll just refer to its development," said Rizwan.

As is known, Mitsubishi Motor (Thailand) Co Ltd plans to bury fresh investment of Rp 2.24 trillion to produce eco car. Accordance with prevailing regulations, the principals will meet the production capacity of 100,000 units per year. In addition, also as a production base for marketing in the ASEAN region and its surroundings like a Nissan MICRA.

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