Friday, May 27, 2011

Car Graphic 2011

Car Graphic Advertising

Although it seems like there are a million of them out there, car graphic are mainly of two types: there are the advertising car graphics that most businessmen love and then there are the race car graphics that encompass everything else. Car Decals are rarely original equipment although some car manufacturers use them especially on pickup trucks.
Advertising car graphics cover everything from small magnet signs to the whole car being wrapped in vinyl. Part of the reason for the popularity is that businessmen and women want to get a good return on any investment they make and that is fairly easy to do with car graphics. The United States small business administration has said that signs- which also includes car graphics are the cheapest and most effective form of advertising there is. The main reason this is so is that unlike other forms of advertising once it is paid for then you are done shelling out any additional money. With radio or print media you have to keep buying space over and over again. Once a car graphic is installed it can last up till ten years with premium vinyl and even intermediate vinyl will last six years. During this time your ad will be seen by literally thousands of people.
There are many levels of car advertising with car magnets being the one extreme and wraps being the other. If a businessperson is on a budget then they can spend less than a hundred dollars to at least get the company name on the door. It is usually cheaper to have it done in vinyl rather than magnets and will probably last longer and look better. At the other end of the spectrum are car wraps. If your vehicle is seen by a lot of drivers it may be worth investing $3000 into a car graphic that commands attention. These vehicles are literally wrapped in vinyl with almost every square foot of surface area covered in vinyl. There are not a lot of these vehicles out there and so when one sees them they have an almost exclusive aura to them. $3000 is a lot of money to spend on one vehicle but if there are big dividends then it can be a worthy investment. The key to having an effective car wrap or any other graphic for that matter is to have a good design. If the lines are right and the colors are harmonious the ad can be a work of art in its own right.
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