Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 BF-performance Sports Car GT600

The “Home of Special Lamborghinis” had a very impressive stand during the 2007 edition of the IAA Frankfurt, they showed a stunning Murciélago LP640 but also an amazing orange metallic Gallardo, their latest BF GT 540 edition. While Lamborghini is satisfied with the Gallardo LP560-4, the Swiss have higher demands – at least the engineers at . For them, the Gallardo is too innocent and neither dynamic nor individual enough. Therefore, they turn both the Coupé and also the Spyder into the GT600 which has a stronger performance, more self-confidence and looks more aggressive.
Optimised under-body aerodynamics is guaranteed by the side skirts and the rear diffuser which are both also made of carbon. The striking carbon rear wing renders additional down thrust. Its edged design perfects the design language of the Lamborghini and gives the Gallardo the finishing touch. At the opposite, the rear end of the Gallardo would get a diffuser and an efficient boot-lid rear spoiler from the same material. The latter moves the sports car closer – from a visual aspect – to the FIA-GT Lamborghinis. This completes the first step in the direction of a racing car
The wing doors render a significant amount of individuality, but are strictly limited to Lamborghini models with . Due to the refinement by BF-performance, also the GT600 with a V10 engine can be equipped with doors which are so typical for Lamborghini.
However, on the series-produced Gallardo, drivers can look in vain for the gullwing doors associated by both young and old with Lamborghini since the Countach. This expensive solution has fallen victim to the red pen. Nevertheless, BF Performance customers need not lose heart. Since, upon request, a gullwing door conversion kit is also available for this compact Lambo, which makes the 520 bhp sports car finally look like a “genuine” Lamborghini, to be on the safe side, BF Performance can also fit a stainless steel roll cage. A particularly useful feature to avoid damage when manoeuvring is the option of fitting a rear-view camera.
And of course the engineers also focused on the engine performance. BF-performance has confirmed the performance of the new automobile in an impressive race. On the Sachsenring round course, the GT600 even managed to beat the stronger Lamborghini Murciélago LP640-4 SV by an impressive lead of 0.6 seconds.
For the special individualisation, BF-performance offers a unique amendment: it can be modified from a four-wheel drive car to a rear-drive super car. This way, the GT600 combines the exclusive feature of the Gallardo LP550-2 “Valentino Balboni“ with increased performance. The new engine concept and 43 kilogramme of saved weight render a unique driving experience.
The interior also follows this dynamic maxim. Apart from the sports bucket seats, BF-performance also offers five-point belts, a roll-over cage and a carbon-ceramic braking system with which the GT600 meets the highest racing standards. BF-performance visually adjusts the interior to the increased dynamics. The manufactory uses carbon on the steering wheel, door handles, ventilation grids and even at the switch casings. The customer can even opt for carbon in his favourite colour.
BF-performance offers the entire car with all components either as the sporty Coupé GT600 or also as the Roadster GT600 Spyder.

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