Friday, May 20, 2011

C3R Retro Corvette 2011

This is the C3R which is a C6 (Corvette) Platform based Retro of a 1969 Corvette Stingray. We are currently engineering the new surface data to fit the underlying C6 Platform. We are also re-designing the rear-end to give it a more retro look rather than looking like a clone. Renderings will be out some time next week on the web site.

The C3R will make it's debut at the 2011 Woodward Cruise in Detroit, Michigan (my home town) next year and we will follow up that with the SEMA show in Las Vegas. If there is enough interest we will begin producing kits. We don't have a price right now because we are still trying to determine how many new parts we will need, but we are trying to use as many carry over parts as possible to keep the price down. 

We are also working on a 427 version of the C3R which will have styling similar to the 1969 427 Corvette hood and side pipes. The kit would still be based on the base c6 but with a Katech budget 427 in place of the stock motor. (Katech is a Michigan based company that builds the C5R and C6R race motors) When I finished with the rear end updates I am going to start on the new hood. 

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