Friday, April 1, 2011

Cielo Modification

Cielo Modification sus water use, would freak! If most Honda adopts water sus using air cylinder system (water cylinder). He prefers water case with rubber balloons (air bag). The reason can be understood, just as most people are traumatized by the use of air cylinder that is claimed to be extremely loud.

Let's straighten this understanding first. Superior air cylinder for easy fender applied in a narrow cavity. Its diameter is small but strong. Also safe for the front legs. Shortcomings, which seem solid air cylinder is often not capable of delivering air in it when the car was shaken due to the uneven road. In effect, the convenience of reaching the lowest point. That was then, the euphoria of his pas sus water.

Like the Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS had no need to be modified because the speed is high. Likewise with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution already has a spec race car.

Because it is not made ​​specifically for the Honda Cielo, there are changes that accompany him. At the feet of the front, swing arm to move position. Primarily pursuing a more horizontal body. Front swing arm position was moved further down to about 20 cm. Likewise with the rear legs. The main constraint is the narrow space fender. Especially when a thick rubber balloon must enter into it. So inevitably fender part in the reduced about 2 cm.

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