Sunday, April 17, 2011

Avtovaz Car

AvtoVAZ Car will present the dual-fuel automobile Lada Priora C N G as an advanced direction. The car utilizes both petrol and natural gas as fuel. Since 1999 the company has been working on the utilization of alternative fuels for Lada automobiles in collaboration with leading research and development establishments and companies of Russia. At the moment a pilot batch of Lada Priora C N G is being tested.
For the first time the AvtoVAZ sport Car direction will be represented by a separate exhibition stand. Motor sport fans will have an opportunity to see three automobiles. They are the rally sport car Lada Kalina Super 1600, the concept car Lada Kalina TMS Turbo 4x4 and Lada W T C C.
The rally modification of Lada Kalina Super1600 is based on Lada Kalina hatchback and meets technical requirements of the international class Super 1600. This car is meant for participation in Russia's rally championship, and also European and world rally championships of A6 class.
Lada Kalina TMS Turbo 4 x 4 is a power all-wheel-drive version of Lada Kalina, which engine develops power up to 180 hp.

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