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Bentley Azure

Bentley Azure


The Bentley Arnage

During the same period in which the company's history was marked with the rather messy takeover by its present owners, Volkswagen Group, the unveiling of the first Bentley Arnage turned the world's attention back to why Bentley Motors Limited had never ceased to enjoy a distinct place in the world's carmaking industry as a whole. Between the years of 1998 to 2009, despite crticial reception earlier in the Arnage brand's production, Bentley only seemed to further its place in the creation of some of the most luxurious cars, each of which always regarded as being one that was ahead of its time.
Originally fitted with a BMW V8 engine, the Bentley Arnage went through a series of changes that led to the creation of two subsequent models: the Arnage Green Label and Red Label. Throughout its ten-year production, modifications were continually undertaken from engine replacements to body and interior design. Such paved the way for the birth of three more versions of the Arnage: the Arnage RL, Arnage R, and Arnage T. The last two of which were unveiled in 2002.

The first Bentley Azure, also known to be the Bentley convertible series was created back in 1995. The updated version of the Azure that was put into production ten years later was actually a take from the Arnage Convertible car which was conceptualized several years beforehand under the name Arnage Drophead Coupe. It was prominent for being a large, four-seater convertible with a 6.75 L V8 engine, cranking out as much as 450 bhp. Each unit was set to be sold at no less than $300, 000.
To this day, all Arnage models continue to be sought after highly and as with every other Bentley, its value never seems to depreciate. Owning one becomes an unquestionnable symbol of prominence and such opulence that no other carmaker can seem to match.
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