Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rolls Royce Cars Interior

Make the Interior of Your Car Look Like an Exotic

Have you ever wanted the interior of your car to look like a Ferrari or Jaguar, or even a Rolls Royce? One of the differences is how the dash and trim in the car looks. The high end cars have exotic woods or materials in them, and the average stock street car has a painted metal or vinyl dash board.
If you want to improve the look of the interior of your car, one of the things to consider is a Dash Trim Kit. As the name suggests this kit contains new trim for your automobile
There are a variety of manufactures that make these kits. Some of the differences are in the materials, the colors and how the kits are installed. Choices of materials can range from a thin vinyl in different patterns to actual wood in a variety natural materials. Kits also vary in the number of pieces. Some kits contain trim pieces only for the dash, while other kits will have trim for the doors and rear passenger area. Some kits also allow you to start with a couple of major pieces and then add additional trim when you are ready.

These kits are relatively inexpensive and very easy to install, as long as you follow the directions that come with your kit. Typically the instructions will advise you to:
- Match each piece with the area where it is supposed to be placed. All of the piece should line up correctly, but it's best to double check before you start applying any pieces.
- Use some type of a marker, like a soft lead pencil to draw an outline of the trim piece where you want it permanently placed. This will assist you when you are ready to install.
- All of the mounting places should be cleaned. Typically you will use isopropyl alcohol. If the area is not cleaned correctly the trim may not stick.
- Some kits have a promoter that works with their adhesive. Other kits do not use this. If your kit uses a promoter, brush it on in the areas you outlined.
- Now you should peel off any backing from the trim.

 - Carefully place the piece in the correct place. You might want to use your finger to tack a couple of different spots while you make the final adjustments.
- When it looks like it's in the proper position use your fingers to smooth out the entire piece.
- Continue with the remainder of the pieces.
- Make a final pass on all of the trim, to insure that they are all bonding correctly. Areas that curve and the edges need particular attention.
Now sit back and enjoy the fresh new look of your interior.

Dennis Dater has been involved with cars since he drove an MG TD to high school. He has also been a member or officer in Porsche Club, Ferrari Club, Jaguar Club, Maserati Club, and other sport car clubs. Visit his blog: http://www.accordmania.blogspot.com

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