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History of Bentley Motor Cars

The Bentley history spans nearly a hundred years and is synonymous with prestige cars and unlike most motor vehicles several have appreciated in value. It is unlikely that anyone would keep a Bentley outside when not in use but even when garaged it needs to be protected with a custom car cover - designed specifically for each model. A car cover ensures that your investment is protected from dust and will maintain it in pristine condition for when it is next used.
The Bentley story began in 1912 when W. O. Bentley and his brother purchased a French car company which they named Bentley and Bentley. It was subsequently changed to Bentley Motors in 1919. Their logo; the Flying B was designed in 1920 and in 1921 they produced their very first production vehicle.
In the early days Bentley Motors interest was in racing winning in 1921. Bentley entered the Indy 500 in 1922 - but came last. They went on to take fourth place in Le Mans in 1923. The engineering research over the early years meant that engines were growing in power, ultimately reaching 8 liters capacity.
Despite the ability of Bentley to make beautiful cars the company was unable to make money and in 1931 Rolls Royce came to the rescue. In 1933 the first Bentley under the Rolls Royce name was produced. Fortunes improved for a while and a new factory was built specifically to produce Bentleys was opened in 1939. However, gradually, Bentleys' and Rolls - Royce's started to be produced in the same factory. The founder of the marquee, W. O Bentley died in 1971 but the name managed to continue to live on.

It wasn't until the eighties that things began to improve with the introduction of the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo. In 1991 the Bentley Continental R was made and was the first Bentley since 1954 to have a body made specifically for it. Fortunes continued to improved and by the nineties Bentley was selling more cars then Rolls Royce. In 1994 Bentley teamed up with BMW to make engines for UK Bentleys'.
In 1998 Volkswagen bought Bentley and Rolls-Royce and in 1992 Bentley separated from Rolls Royce after nearly 70 years. Volkswagen continued to invest in Bentleys' with the Bentley Azure becoming the company's flag carrier in 2006.
Bentley has continued to make luxury cars. It has become greener having introduced models that can run on gasoline or bio-fuels. It continues to make gasoline only cars and introduced a large-engine sedan in 2009.
The Bentley history is long and varied with many good and bad moments. For the time being, Bentley appears to be doing well and it is likely that this company will continue to produce luxury cars for many years to come.
There is always an elite market for a Bentley - whatever the price.
If you are fortunate to own a Bentley, make certain that it is always protected by a custom made car cover. Get one specific for your model of vehicle. Your investment needs to be protected from the rain and sun - and remember many car covers come with anti-theft devices giving even more protection and they keep your car away from prying eyes.
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