Friday, April 1, 2011

BMW Suicidal Extreme Elegance

BMW Suicidal Extreme Elegance VIP Initially want to draft, but time-making process will be like this, we are finally more point to extreme elegance, the car was perched along with two other cars in the display settings unique style of Dub City on Autoblackthrough team.

Attending the event at Autoblackthrough 2008 Jogja (31/5-1/6), BMW is indeed suicidal Extreme Elegance prime prepared by the owner to attend the prestigious event in the city of Yogyakarta Student. Cielo Modification which I previously reviewed following the event. However, For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution as well as Mercedes-Benz Viano 125 Avantgarde Edition can not follow the event.

Carrying the colors Spies Hecker Super White for a full custom body kit handed to Zenith Motor, some bodywork that refers to the Bavarian car was directed to the tidiness that does not contain too many curves, especially in the width of the body.

Supported Work Rezax II rim 20 ", 9.5X10.5 wrapped in Toyo Proxes tires front and rear Yokohama, exclusive interior design which continues the same tone with a body outside was fairly competent in the effort to translate its VIP concept.

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