Friday, March 27, 2009

"Low Rider" Jawara Modifikasi 2009

Create skubek owner of the low flow rider, I have a new breakthrough. Two builder, Antonius Chandra-Ton's skipper Chrome in Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta, and Erwin 'Koko' Sidik-Coins Custom Paint, Depok-try display to improve low rider Yamaha Mio with high bar-style American style. Each has advantages and unique. "Low Rider" Jawara Modifikasi 2009 sebutan jawara mio

Antonius's unique exhaust
2009 Yamaha Mio production Antonius been that this can be spelled pioneer. Most appear to be the motor of the three flow dimodif this low rider. One side in front of and behind both of them. What is?

Habituate model chopper-style handlebar or rail, such as monkeys. At the top of each tube there is a grip because the brake fluid system penghenti rate of the front and rear disc brake.

Let's move to the back and this is the most excited. Antonius claims that he is the person who first invest with them Mio velg selebar 10 inches. "The point though so I know that the first use velg wide," Antonius firm.

Interestingly, the rim is still in use is modified again, as from the lips velg still the standard car, but the middle of the plate made with the new setebal 3 mm wide and 3 cm. Las together with both electric and spoke model studied many classical style.

Other unique, gas tank moved to the new location above the CVT cover. This effect of the ban superlebar. Including the oil hole, it made the new and diletakakan above. "If we want to change the oil, and enough open seats hole directly visible," says Ari Winata, motorcycle owners.

Is already free? Not yet, still have two more. Note the muffler design, the constrained curve velg. This design also functions to protect the lips velg albeit half. One again, this motor without Shockbreaker back. Means, Suspensi become rigid.

Erwin classic style
Here the direct Erwin Mio 2005 classic beraliran strong. Appear on the front of the Vespa dicomot production 1950s and placed in the top of the shield. Then, there are still some components of the car and stick on the motor bike berlambang garputala this.

For example, a car belonging to the muffler. "Tubes that make gahar gede, while still wear a neck Mio," added Koko. Meanwhile, the Footstep or a foothold in the custom bike from the top deck. "In addition to the more ngetren, pas bersanding with ape hanger handlebar," he added

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