Friday, March 27, 2009

Modifikasi autoextreme di mayasi

 Auto contest Modifikasi autoextreme di mayasi ,modifikasi dunia balap World contest modification appears to start the car evenly. Soalnya Mayasi from 73 participants of the contest Autoxtreme modifications not only come from big cities to become a champion of the contest. 

"Participants in the event that this time we not only dominated by Jakarta and Surabaya. But there was also derived from Malang, Bali, even coming from Lamongan," said General Manager Cody Enterprises, Patricia Setyadjie to the journalist is in between the opening of Mayasi Autoxtreme in Surabaya Town Square (Sutos), Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Surabaya, Jumat (27/3/2009). 

Participants will be some champion memperebutkan are divided into 50 
category, among street racing style, audio design to King of Extreme. While the theme of the committee was carried by Japanese Auto Fashion. 

According Pathi, call Patricia familiar, the theme of this is because the average participant to follow the event that was first performed in 2009 using these cars made in Japanese factories. 

In the event that opened this week to start on Sunday (29/3/2009) this side also the various events, that is, the fashion show is also the theme of Sakura Drop akan be the model of Japan Bunka School of Fashion. The fashion show will be held in the Club Foreplay, Sutos. 

Not only that, the committee working with the mayasi and also the Sutos hunting photo contest is open to the public. 

"For the race we will provide images for hunting place in two places in the area contest, car and fashion show events take place. Jurinya While the Darwis Triadi," his him

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