Friday, March 27, 2009


Yamaha Mio ZR potential entry in Indonesia, wah pasti seru kalo ditarungin first with the opponent tunggalnya; Honda beat. Both have a tendency to easily be modified to appear beautiful. I make a good reference demen be different ... 

Cause still fresh tampangnya, Oto2 grimy from the tabloids Otomodify (edition of 20 February 2009) this modification results home modif Ride-It's Bangkok, Thailand. Change the plasticity of the bodifiberglass and new innovations. To create a more visible bodinya, the left-right headlamp be 'meat' that resembles the shield and also given a deck similar to the shield at the motor. Other innovations in the use of a custom seat nungging contrived to accommodate the muffler and the size of the rim. For foot-foot, 17 inch rim bolt combined with 120/60-17 tires that look more obese create a solid. Because the use of wheel gambot, then the back of the engine or the CVT should dimundurkan little mentok not to order. A unique, Komdej install fender ala MOGE and the model undertail exhaust but culminate ellipse and stick to the side. 

Because he has been circulating in the country, of course modifications that take a little Oto2 expert. Matic of this original Lamongan, East Java belongs Djamaluddin. Done by modifnya workshop Agus-Alpha Siera of Surabaya. 
So that's point advantage Suspensi rear of the system with a unique adjustable. This means you can suit up and down, with the help of dynamo and storage battery 12 volt. Agus utilize power penyearah parabola belonging to the strength dynamo 12 volt 70 watt. Long as the original power parabola 1.2 m cut to only about 30 cm. 
System installation sliding model, made swing arm made of iron plate setebal 2 cm. Swing arm length and 1.2 m above rail slinding been. Rail has 30 cm long ditautkan knock down power with a parabola. As the wheels of their own material 3 mm pipe weld power adapter plate holder 8 mm power parabola. L Dibaut model as 6 units. 
Applications adjustable Suspensi able to make this poop up and down as far as 15 cm from the ground. While the dual up side down LHK static nangkring Handmade in the swing arm. Dumpingnya the rebound and handed the keys under the key, even a remote application is also used. Total general almost Rp. 3 million for the suspension is adjustable. 
Wheel base of the original Beat Agus memolorkan short but up to 2.33 m. Reverse with additional 33 cm of the pipe material type 4 × 2. Make CVT 100 cc engine molor back, so automatic stimulus change total. 
At the wheel as diknock timing gear down the back of the L300 and distribute power to the wheels, the application property flywheel L300. 
Pelek air more advanced technology, the Alpha Siera rim ring 13 owned Kia Visto and rear ring 14 of Kijang. Comfort and stability so the main priority, as many as 16 high speed bearing SKFjadi's mainstay. 

Oto2 says: 
"So ... Yamaha ZR emang newcomers, surely many peminat the direct demen ngelihat ubahannya although minimalist. Yamaha Soul icon is created so the lovers matic batangan, make the ZR wiriness nggak susah banget take interest lovers matic. 
Meanwhile, although the view was changed total Honda Beat, diface time I lift again! Please make a PR AHM, I want to wait matic andalannya diembat ZR "?

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