Friday, March 27, 2009

Modifikasi Bodi dan mesin Suzuki

this post under tag Modifikasi Bodi dan mesin Suzuki, happy watching my modification posting.I have a Suzuki motorcycle at the 2004 charge is a bit slow and bodinya is not good anymore it seems.

What modifications can also fix the machine at the same time though still strong and stubborn with a minimalist concept.

If you can reference that is close to the Central Jakarta. Approximately one-make motor modif gitu ya how costly?

regards, Andi


Salam modification,
In modifying the 3 aspects have to be the daily use, competition, or show bike

This is necessary so that comrade Andi can customize their needs, elements of safety, comfort, harmony, and also finishing neatly.

Important message I can not be modified without a clear concept.

Please Tauco Custom made to further consultation. Regard.

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