Friday, March 27, 2009

Modifikasi Mesin Kenceng tips

The Rider-bred rider, yesterday when I have to modify the entire ignition system for motor output in 2006 I JupiterZ this. Now I have returned back to modify my iron horse is the theme that remains the same as yesterday modiifkasi namely that the modifications made to kenceng but tetep economical fuel. Now I modify the motorcycle with the focus on the quality of fuel that we use for this. Yup, as long as we are often thought to be that fast motor required only that the volume of air must disemprotkan many. If we want to think more, with the mixture of fuel that we perbanyak that we can get the energy that we expect if terbayar but with the volume of fuel a lot of useless terbuang? At this time, I would like to invite all the readers to think more about the energy we want without having to menggelontorkan fuel that can be more stifling our pockets. If yesterday we have been recast in the motor ignition system, then the opportunity this time we will improve the quality of fuel that we use. Whatever the type of fuel that we use basically the quality of the fuel may increase again so that we burn more energy, so perfect, but can increase fuel consumption becomes more economical. Yup, technology Anyar I mean the technology is born out of the country, namely the United Kingdom UK. This technology is named BROQUET, the tool is shaped like a stone that serves as a catalyst for the fuel in the gas tank to each of us. When we use the Premium dengna use BROQUET akan serasa such as wearing PERTAMAX. Begitupun when the PERTAMAX, it will feel like the PERTAMAX Plus. and do not be afraid for your user PERTAMAX Plus, they will feel more and more energy consumption BBMnya. Weits ... Do not dikira I only menebar tommyrot only. Before I post this article, I already use on my own bike. And the results truly extraordinary, power motor I become more vigorous and auto fuel consumption becomes more economical. In addition to energy and get a more economical fuel consumption, by using this product, we also participate in our plant back BUMI this. No need to fear the side effects that frighten us for this, NO side effects when using this product. Way be regarded pemakaiannyapun VERY EASY, just associated with the iron wire used in the calendar, or use a rope tied to the ends of the thread and close the tank with the other motor ago we lived this tool you celupkan means of this stone shaped into a tank of gas and let this work with the technology itself. According to the BROQUET own this product ciptaannya able to stand up to 400.000km. Kebayangkan how menguntungkannya tool. Count-count bit yuk, 

Klo pake we ADITIF OTHER MATERIAL think the "price 
Rp 25,000 for 60liter 
1liter is Rp = 416, when the motor average "consumption BBMnya 35KM: 1L, every road 1KM you have to pay around Rp 11.8 
Rp 85,000 = 400.000KM 
Each 1KM you just pay Rp ... 0:21. Murah banget kan n profitable ... 

Diluaran this advanced technology in the official price of Rp 100,000, but because we are so sincere fellow Rider SUPER Advanced technology is only Rp 85,000 in stamp

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