Friday, March 27, 2009

BPPT Luncurkan mesin GEA

BPPT Luncurkan mesin GEA
Agency Pengkajian and Implementation of Technology (BPPT) supply become the engine for the Indonesian national car that is already producing engines GEA tiny car. However, the amount is still limited. 

This is expressed by Coordinator RUSNAS Engine (Research Unggulan 
National strategic) of BPPT Dr. Nyoman Jujur to detikOto, Friday 

"We are already doing trial production engine that will be used GEA 
ie Rusnas at a factory in Tegal, "he said. 

Number of machines that are produced according to Nyoman was deliberately done in a limited 5 units of this car because it is still awaiting test results from the feasibility Dephub and Depperin. 

"So we are deliberately not much production," said Nyoman. 

Local machine is also suitable according to Nyoman dibanggakan, because of all the components except the carburettor can have our own production of engines produced tebaga i ni also be calculated is sufficient. 

Because of the 2-cylinder engine with 500 cc of the gas as the fuel can be tersembur up to a maximum of 11.5 kW at 3800 rpm with 31 Nm torsi reached at 2800 rpm.

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