Thursday, March 19, 2009

7 passenger Sport Luxury CUV

Trim Levels

Base: 9-6X 3.2t
Mid-level: 9.6XH
Up-level: 9-6X Aero


With the 9-4X covering the smaller end of the luxury crossover market, there is a gap left in the larger, more upscale section of the segment. That is where the 9-6X comes in. A mid to large crossover, the market targeted by the 9-6X specifically includes the Q7, X5 and MDX. A lot of customers have been leaving Saab for the other makes because of Saab's lack of a crossover. Saab needs something to offer that not only will keep those customers, but gain some new ones too. It's easier said then done, because succeeding in this highly competitive market requires having the goods to compete, while offering something the others don't. Good thing, because the 9-6X packs some innovative features. These features include running boards integrated into the body work and swiveling heated/cooled second row captains chairs. On top of this, Saab has the stylistic edge. Simply put, GM has the stylistic edge here. With the Enclave and 9-6X, GM will have some amazingly competitive entries with beautiful styling. Why buy an X5 or RX when you can get the same level of refinement, more safety features, along with styling that you love and innovative features that no one else offers?

Based on an Enhanced Lambda platform, with 4 wheel independent suspension, ReAxs system and 1" lower ride height, the 9-6X is powered by a 3.0L 300 HP HF V6 and the Aero by a 3.6L 380 HP HF Turbocharged V6. The 9-6X is a sport luxury crossover, with performance rivaling the Porsche Cayenne and the recently introduced Acura MDX. Sporty, stylish, luxurious and spacious, simply put, the 9-6X is the sports car lovers luxury crossover. Another Saab first for it's segment, the 9-6X is offered with the Dual Mode hybrid option. Like midsize BOF owners with the 9-4X, a lot of Full-size non-luxury buyers are moving down, and the move enables them to afford luxury crossovers. With a vehicle like the 9-6X, not only do they get better gas mileage because it's smaller, lighter, etc, but also because of the availability of the Dual Mode hybrid system. Expect the production 9-6X to arrive for the 2009 or 2010 model year.

Specifications Sheet

Vehicle Type: 7 passenger Sport Luxury CUV
Size Comparison: BMW X5
Competitors: Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz R-Class, Porsche Cayenne, Acura MDX, BMW X5, Cadillac SRX, Buick Enclave, Lexus RX, Lincoln MKX
Base Platform: Enhanced Lambda
Drive Wheels: AWD
9-6X 3.2t: 300HP HF Turbo V6
9-6XH: 3.2L 330HP Turbo HF V6/w Dual Mode Hybrid System
9-6X Aero: 3.6L 380HP HOT HF V6
Transmissions: 6 speed Sentronic

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