Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hummer Car


If you want a vehicle that looks tough enough to serve in the military, then you should shop from a brand that got its start designing military vehicles. If you want your military styling with a dose of pickup practicality, then the 2011 HUMMER just might be the vehicle you've been looking for.
Edmunds writes that the new HUMMER is a midsize crew-cab pickup truck that's available in two trims levels: base and the more powerful Alpha." The exterior of the 20011 HUMMER is, for better or for worse, one of the most distinctive in the pickup market, and both the base and Alpha versions of the HUMMER are identical from the outside. Reviews read by generally appreciate the tough styling of the 2011 HUMMER, which Automobile Magazine says has been stretched to make room for "a five-foot bed instead of making do with whatever would have fit on the H3's shorter wheelbase." Car and Driver says that the HUMMER finally brings "visually correct proportions" to the lineup and features a "boxy fuselage" that "is, by design, rather well suited to a boxy bed." Jalopnik describes it as "boxy and kind cute like a GI Joe toy," while Edmunds says that "you'll likely dig the rugged styling cues (which include the industrial grille, the massive wheel flares and the armored-car-style windows)."

 The inside of the 2011 HUMMER is purposefully styled, but unfortunately it lacks the visual impact of the exterior. Edmunds calls the "overall design ... fairly handsome" but notes that the HUMMER "rather plain interior doesn't quite match its macho exterior." On the positive side, Jalopnik reports that "the instrument panel lighting is attractive and easy to read." One styling cue that is rather unique to the HUMMER and other HUMMER trucks is what Auto blog describes as a "quirky rear-view camera" that displays its image "directly on the left side" of the rearview mirror face, which they say is "a much more graceful arrangement than the previous pop-out version."

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