Friday, June 10, 2011


The seats of the Toyota Verso are very good for the front five passengers, the collapsible bag chairs are so much harder and less comfortable. The Toyota driver has a special arrangement of the instruments in store, the dials are located centrally in the dash but are directed to the driver. Behind the wheel you'll find nothing more than plastic, that looks really nice course, but according to Toyota improve this setup visibility. We were not so to such unconventional arrangement, the onboard computer was sitting there very far from the driver, and the values were therefore not always easy to read. Also unfortunate is the fact that the current consumption on a sliding scale was shown, this can not exactly see how much the car consumes.

The wheel itself was well in hand but the function buttons on the steering wheel were awkwardly positioned and could not easily be pressed. Well good, while the advanced multimedia system with GPS that can be operated via a touchscreen, the system includes radio, CD and has a hard disk that you can lose your music. There is a GPS system that works very well with the ability to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Finally, through an AUX input was chosen to be an iPod or MP3 player to the system to. The sound quality of the system was above average and certainly meets the screaming children to drown.

Toyota Black car
Toyota Modify
Toyota Black car Who says kids say undoubtedly safety, you certainly want your family safely from point A to B market. Toyota Corolla Verso in intensive thought and safety that provides seven standard airbags, ESP and ABS. Instead of parking sensors Toyota opts for a reversing camera which is integrated into the multimedia system. True lovers of the system will never be partly because it is based were not indicated where the lines would move Verso.

Starting our Toyota Verso went with the optional smart entry & start system that includes keyless go. This system is certainly useful but absolutely necessary as we do not. We drove the 2.0 D-4D diesel engine with 126 hp and 310 Nm torque, it is sufficient to motorization in 11.3 seconds to 100 km / h and sprinting to a top speed of 185 km / h to reach. For everyday use the 2 liter diesel proved to be insufficient, we had difficulty with, though, that consumption was still higher than we had ourselves to expect. Our test consumption was 7.5 litres/100 km, while at the specified combined consumption 5.6 liters per 100 kilometer on lies. A true champion of economy thanks to his size he will never be present but whose standard switch indicator closely monitors will certainly closer to the target consumption.
Toyota White car
Toyota Blue carwe think we automatically say MPV maximum storage space, here in the Toyota Verso considered that. Thus, the glove box divided into two parts where one of the two sections serves as a cooler for drinks and one large enough for all kinds of stuff. In addition, we found the doors again and spacious storage compartments under the armrest can easily sit two-liter bottles, handy for a trip with the whole family. Furthermore, the Verso on an eyeglass holder and a convex mirror that helps the children in the rear control without having to look back.

Given its high center of gravity and his pompous dimensions of the Verso we did not expect that he would break records in terms of handling. Yet we found the driving characteristics of the balanced Verso. The course does not surprise us that the MPV rather sloppy in the turns came about but never really did bother. The Verso also respond very directly to the commands that are transmitted through the steering wheel. At low speeds, however, we noticed that the power-assisted steering was numb as it were, at higher speeds were all much more balanced. When driving we found some more reasonable rijwind on, something characteristic of a car that does not immediately show an example of aerodynamics is. The whole although it remained comfortably within the limits of acceptability.

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