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Renault Megane

Renault History

This history of the Renault is as vast as that of many vehicle makers. Renault is a French auto maker that has achieved substantial success throughout the years. They make all types of vehicles from cars to vans and even buses and tractors. Right now it is the fourth largest auto maker in the world due in part to their serious affiliation with Nissan. They also own the Romanian Dacia as well as the Korean Samsung Motors. One of the most popular vehicles known by Renault is the Renault Clio.
Louis Renault is the founder of the Renault auto maker. He worked with his brothers and friends as his partners as he launched the start of this business in 1898. They split their duties between business management and product development and in no time at all they had started something successful. The very first car that they sold was purchased by a close friend of Louis's father's. They allowed him to take the little car for a test drive and he was so impressed with the way it moved and handled the road that he immediately bought it.
The Renault brothers decided to use racing as a publicity form for their vehicles. They participated in many motor races some of which were held in Switzerland. Louis and his brother Marcel both participated in the races. However, during one race in Paris Marcel was in an accident. He was killed. Louis Renault never did race again after that but the Renault cars were still used in races.
Renault continued to grow in success and even though cars were a luxury in the early 1900s, that didn't stop their sales from doing considerably well. At one point their cheapest cars would cost as much as the average worker made in ten years. Despite this, they continued to make and sell cars as well as buses and other modes of transport. When the war began Renault even branched out to begin making military vehicles like tanks. Renault was honoured for this and had become the number one auto maker by the time the war came to an end.
Many things began to change in the economy after the war. Renault was doing very well but suddenly experienced some issues when it came to regular cars that everyone could afford. This was a market that they were not directly competitive in. It was also a market that was in high demand. Renault produced a line of cars that came in various sizes and engine power levels so that he had something to offer the consumer public.
When World War II began Nazi Germany put a stop to the auto maker's production. Renault was arrested during the liberation of France and was most likely murdered. Though it was never proven, the coroner noted that his neck had been broken.
It was 1999 when the Renault Company signed a deal with Nissan. It is the very first agreement of its kind. This has helped to keep Renault the high powered company that it has been for more than one hundred years.
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