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The 2011 Ford Mustang GT V8 Cars

Ford has given the American muscle car scene a new lease of life with the imminent release of the new 2011 Mustang V8 cars.
The heart of the new model Ford Mustang just has to be the V8 engine. It is a return to the 5.0-liter capacity that is so inspiring.
It is a 5.0-liter quad cam all alloy V8 that can rev to 7000rpm (previous engine was 6500rpm). The 2011 Mustang GT will be in an excellent position to challenge those in the Chevrolet camp, such as the Camaro or the Dodge Challenger. They of course must persist with the Chevrolet 6 litre all alloy OHV (still OHV).
The new Ford engine will also have such features as Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (known as Ti-VCT) and is expected to deliver 412HP and 390FT.LB of torque.
To support this new V8 engined Mustang muscle car are two new gearboxes, a six speed automatic and a six speed manual.
The rear suspension will also come in for some upgrades, along with the option of a Brembo brake upgrade, summer performance tires and a set of 19-inch alloys.
And when you look at the engine it is the sexiest looking Mustang GT V8 production engine since the BOSS 429.
In closing we can see that the new 5.0-liter engine is the next phase in the world class Mustang GT power train development. It is a modern engine thoroughly developed delivering both fun and performance to the enthusiast.
Also it does all of the above whilst bring benefits in improved fuel economy, V8 American muscle cars are here to stay.
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