Friday, June 17, 2011

Renault Fluence

The History of the Renault

The Renault is a vehicle brand name that is a creation of the Renault S.A. Company. Renault S.A., Societe Renault Freres, as it was known then, was started by a man known as Louis Renault in 1899. Louis started the Renault S.A. Company together with brothers Fernand and Marcel and friends Julian Wyer and Thomas Evert. Although the Renault Corporation was established in the year 1899, the vehicles had already been produced from the late 1897. Renault Voiturette 1CV was the first car from Renault, purchased by a friend to the father of Louis after he was given a test run on the 24th day of December in 1898. This friend to Louis' father was so awed by how the small vehicle operated and how it went up the streets leading to his purchase of the vehicle. Louis was quite bright, as he was an aspiring youthful engineer, having designed and developed a few models before being joined by his brothers who were quite skillful in business after working in a textile firm that was owned by their father. When the company was starting, Fernand and Marcel took care of company management and Louis managed production and design.
The brothers saw the vehicles they had made achieve recognition after participating in a motor racing, making Renault instantly renowned. This was especially so after gaining their first victory in the first ever city-to-city racing competition which took place in Switzerland. This then resulted in increased production for this company and swift expansion. Marcel and Louis raced in the company's vehicles but an unfortunate accident took the life of Marcel during a car accident in the race of Paris-Madrid of 1903. The same year saw Fernand retire due to health reasons and Louis was left to manage the Renault Company all by himself. The company's reputation for vehicle innovation was nurtured quite early with the first sedan car being introduced in 1899. Back then the cars were a luxury and the smallest available Renault vehicle was a staggering 3000 francs.
In addition to the small cars, other Renault manufactured vehicles were buses, taxis, as well as cargo vehicles for commercial use before the First World War broke out. When this war started in 1914, Renault made the switch to creating ammunition vehicles, tanks like the ground-breaking Renault FT-17 and military airplanes. The creations of the military designs from Renault were very successful that Louis Renault was honored for his tact by Allies in the assistance to aid in their victory. When the war ended, Renault became the single French private manufacturer. When the 2nd World War broke out and France surrendered in 1940, Louis refused to make tanks for Nazi Germany which had control of his company and after France liberation in 1944; he was arrested and accused for collaborating with the German occupiers. Eventually, he died in prison even before making a defense. However, Louis Renault and his brothers are renowned for the great invention they made back in the late 80's that is held as a mark of success up to now.
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