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BMW 1 Series

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BMW 1 Series


Vehicle brands come and go. This is a world where survival of the fittest exists and luckily, BMW has been able to surpass all the challenges and in fact, they had always remained on top or at least very close to it. Having a reputable name in the industry can give respect and admiration brought upon by great audience. The appreciation given to the brand is not merely because James Bond got one in one of their model to his movies because much more than this, BMW has something to show off. Through the years of their existence in the auto world, they were able to produce various models and one of those is the BMW 1 Series.
Basically, the BMW 1 Series is a small luxury car essentially a family vehicle, created in the year 2004. This model is also among the vehicle of its class that feature a rear-wheel drive as well as longitudinally-mounted engine which is an internal combustion engine by which the crankshaft is situated along the long axis of the vehicle. The longitudinally-engine is also known a north-south engine.
The BMW 1 Series was created to replace the BMW 3 Series Compact models. But unlike the other model, the BMW 1 Series was fashioned on an original platform although it shares its component with the E90 3 Series. It was created in Regenburg and Leizig, Germany and this is currently regarded as the smallest and the less expensive among BMW listing. Because of its cheap price but high quality components, it became one of the bestsellers of the company. In fact, an estimate of 149, 493 units were sold. Like technology that changes in an instant, BMW decided to upgrade the first model into a 3-door sports hatch variant in 2007. A little change was done in the originals taillight and headlight, bumper and on its interior. It is created with elongated doors and frameless windows that will help make the most of the car's sporting appeal. The place where the passenger stays is set a little far back, drawing the eye at once to the rear axle. The car's more dynamic side skirts further underline its dynamism, inviting you to open the door and take a seat. Moreover, the interior of the BMW 1 Series is magnificently made that you will surely love! Its steering wheel and gearstick is mounted perfectly. You can as well observe that the quality-focused approach to design is applied even on the smallest details of the vehicle. You need not be a driving enthusiast to appreciate the smooth integrity.
But more than the feature seen on the BMW 1 Series, the Company also employed smart features which significantly lessen emissions and perk up fuel consumption while boosting performance. This is in view of the company's commitment of preserving the environment against the problems brought upon the emissions of vehicles. Fuel consumption is as well reduced to help both the vehicle owner and the economy. And because BMW believes that above anything, safety should come first, they had equipped BMW 1 Series with all the necessary parts that would work in ensuring the life of its occupants. Among the safety features that it is mounted are brake force display, xenon headlights, airbags and restraint system. And so if you are looking for a model that will give you the best deal when it comes to its features and specification minus the price then the BMW 1 Series is the thing to have! Surely, you'll never go wrong if you choose a brand which had been the leader of innovation and value even from the start.
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