Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Used Car Buying Advice For The Moment

The economy is in a mess. Car sales are down massively. A range of dealers are shutting down and worse still, manufacturers are actually seeing problems and laying off staff. However, if you’re in the market to buy, you’re in a good position (always an upside eh?).
Buying a nearly new car at the moment can net you savings of more than £6,000 or more. Naturally, this is something you’d want to look into. You’ll find the biggest savings on nearly new cars that have low mileage and are fairly common – with savings less apparent on higher spec models (for instance, I still haven’t found my Astra VXR for less than £10k).
Buying a car remains, for most of us at least, a purchase that takes months to save and prepare for. At the moment, though fuel has come down in price, smaller cars are still performing well due to the credit crunch. This means you can save quite a lot by aiming for something with a bigger engine (or even more performance) as long as you don’t do too many miles.

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