Tuesday, December 30, 2008

audi q7

This Audi Q7 diesel is a monster, monster vehicle with more power than almost anything else on the road – but perhaps the most impressive thing is the fact that this power is channelled through a 7 seater 4×4 body! In fact, it’s the most powerful 4×4 in the world.
It’s the only passenger car available that comes with a 12 cylinder diesel engine – and engine that’s apparently closely related to the same powerplant used in the Le Mans R10 TDi sports car that was unleashed by Audi and driven by Allan McNish.
Performance is of course staggering, with the 500bhp engine tearing the car to 60 in only 5.5 seconds. There’s also the (limited) top speed of 155 miles per hour – one does have to wonder what it would be capable of with this removed, but then bear in mind the sheer size of the thing…
Fuel consumption is what you’d expect, with around 20mpg. Stopping power is good thanks to the massive brakes that are fitted as standard, but then come on, with all that weight matched to all that power, you’d need something serious to slow you down.
The Q7 is certainly one for those who need a fast Chelsea tractor – could you see yourself driving such an expensive vehicle (only slightly shy of £100,000) with a sign of any mud whatsoever on the bodywork? I didn’t think so.
Standard spec includes the usual leather, heated seats, sat-nav, Bose stereo etc etc. The list is quite good, but then again, it’s not exactly cheap. The suspension is adaptive so you should have difficulty making this big beast fall over, whilst the ground clearance is actually surprisingly good.

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