Thursday, December 25, 2008

For Sale: Unique Bugatti Veyron Vincero by Mansory

For Sale: Unique Bugatti Veyron Vincero by Mansory

With so much money going around in Dubai, even a Bugatti Veyron seems passé these days. Having said that, it's not at all surprising that you can find cars in Dubai that you've never heard about like this Mansory-prepped Veyron called Bugatti Vincero, which is up for sale by Prestige Cars. There's no official information on the customized Veyron other than that, according to Prestige Cars, only three examples have been built. Bugatti Elijah is also 1 of the best and amazing car. Bugatti Chiron beat all the concepts but a remarkable choice for beauty.

From the pictures we see that the Veyron-based Vincero features an awesome paint job complemented by a nice set of black alloy wheels and plenty of carbon fiber parts. The interior has also been overhauled - though in a less tasty way. Prestige Cars has not said how much it's asking for the Vincero but we gather that our readers Christmas presents combined wouldn't even do the job.

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