Thursday, March 24, 2011

Volvo Trucks FMX

Indonesia with its various natural resources that require heavy vehicles such as Volvo Trucks FMX capable of operating in the physical and geographical conditions of the difficult nature, such as mining, petroleum and construction.

Volvo Trucks FMX, which is specifically designed to address the needs of operational vehicles able through difficult terrain in Indonesia.

Volvo Trucks FMX will be an important step towards the goal of good Indonesian construction, natural resources and industrial sectors. Because FMX deliver load power and also a higher carrying capacity and low fuel consumption.

With the price of USD 150,000, Volvo Trucks FMX offered in two engine options, 11 Liter (330 up to 370 horsepower), and 13 Liter (400 up to 480 horsepower.) And offers features and options driveline specifications.

Consumers are also given the option to 2 models of transmission, VT manual transmission with gears of different variations, Transmission Automatic, I-Shift transmission for construction and special leading Automatic Transmission Powertronic specifically designed for high short-term operation.

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