Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Honda Civic 2005 Vti

Honda Civic 2005 Vti 

 The B16A2 engine is what the Honda Civic VTi is all about. Transforming a usable, everyday hatchback into a performance hot-hatch, the 1.6 litre VTEC produces 158bhp, redlining at 8000rpm. The vastly efficient 100bhp per litre emphasises Honda as amazing builders. How many other manufacturers build cars that return 35mpg, have superb reliability yet contend with the very best of the hot-hatch breed. As with all VTEC engines it remains docile until the engine nears VTEC. The VTEC power band engages at 5500rpm pulling to 8000rpm.

Honda know how to make a car handle taking credit for the Integra Type R which is recognised as being one of the best handling front wheel drive cars. It could be said the ride is a little harsh around town - a fair trade off for the handling when out enjoying the pace the Civic VTi offers.


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