Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miss Tuning 2009 Calendar featuring the lovely Daniela Grimm

 miss tuning 2009 calendar featuring the lovely daniela grimm
The lovely Miss Daniela Grimm was honored with the privilege of being the exclusive model featured in the 2009 Miss Tuning Calendar. The almanac is sure to become a best seller as Daniela shows off her finer points dress up as everything from Cat Woman ready to pounce in front of the classic Batmobile to showing off her behind along with the back of an Impala.

 The calendar has something for everyone from fans of high revving imports clad with carbon fiber like the tuned G37 that is about to run down the 1320 against a very fast gold Supra to the classic American automobiles like a bodacious bubblegum pink Cadillac as well as giving a good look at the interior of a first generation Corvette. Don’t despair high-end fans, because Miss Tuning 2008 found a sweet silver S Class with a pair of suicide doors in the back. There will only be 150 examples of this fine piece of automotive art, so not only does the calendar have Ms. Grim going for it but it is also a very limited edition. We thought it would be a good idea to share a few more of the photos with you.Miss Tuning 2009 Calendar

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