Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Luxury Sports Cars: Stories: Pagani Zonda S repair bill

One of Britain's largest insurance companies is paying through its teeth as an insurance claim for one luxury sports car has come in at a record-breaking (for the company at least) £300,000. The car in question is the Pagani Zonda S which is a £500,000 two seater luxury sports car.
The Pagani Zonda S was badly damaged by a clearly inexperienced driver who lost control of it on a test run on a country lane near Glasgow. The collision ended leaving the face of the Pagani Zonda S in a poll and a fence.
The car insurance company question is Aviva and they have decided that the car is not beyond repair so have decided to have it shipped back to Modena, Italy where only 10 Pagani Zonda S’ are made in a year. Materials such as titanium and aluminium are used in this luxury sports car and Aviva said in a statement: "It's the biggest repairs payout we've seen."

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