Thursday, July 29, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Taksi Lova | Berbahan Bakar CNG

SPESIFIKASI Taksi Lova | Berbahan Bakar CNG

Various methods are used by taxi companies in Indonesia to conserve fuel usage given the operational costs of fuel a growing swell.

One of the most efficient way is to convert to CNG or gas fuel.

As used Lova taxi company in Jakarta. Taxi company's Chevrolet brand now has 25 CNG-fueled units. Use of CNG in a taxi cab company had done before. However, because the assessed damage the engine, now the use of CNG as omitted.

"It used to damage the engine, but not now. That's up from the engine. Because the Chevrolet Lova engines using cast iron materials, it is very strong," said Chief Technician Taxi Djabari Lova on the sidelines of the gathering events with taxi companies Chevrolet at GM booth at the JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

With the use of CNG fuel, Djabari Lova admitted every taxi fleet can save the cost of 40 percent.

CNG own tubes imported from China, while konventer from Argentina whose price reached USD 15 million with a capacity equivalent to 11 liters of the tube reached. Each one liter of gas can reach the distance of nearly 16 kilometers.

"The difference is much frugal, up 40 percent of the tablets," said Djabari said.

Chevrolet Lova Taxi recognized as having been tested during the three-month test, the results are also not
absolutely no damage to the machine. "Pretty good, keep the machine working normally, no problems in terms of resilience," sure Djabari.

Now the taxi company has 25 units of CNG-fueled taxis Lova. Possibilities, 175 other units will follow according Djabari use CNG.

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