Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Proton | Saga Listrik

SPESIFIKASI Proton | Saga Listrik

Talk about environmentally friendly cars, Proton already have them. In the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show, Proton showcase the power of technology embedded in the Proton Saga.

EV Proton Saga has a lithium ion polymer battery which can produce 15 kWh of energy. Battery charging time to reach 6-8 hours. Proton also provides rapid charging version just an hour. Once the battery charge is sufficient to explore Jakarta to Bandung.

Saga EV electric motor performance is pretty tough. Of 000-100 km per hour can be reached by 12 seconds. The maximum speed can reach 110 km per hour ie.

When compared with the Persona car gasoline, the cost of course cheaper. Saga EV for each km only need USD 120 only, or Rp 3.6 million per year while the Persona USD 360 per km, or Rp 10.8 million per year.

Another advantage is the owner of the Proton EV was not necessary to the gas station. Charging the battery is done at home or at work. Practical is not it?

This electric technology does not only apply to only Saga, Proton plans as stated by Proton Holdings Berhad Managing Director Dato 'Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir will install an electric motor to the other Proton cars.

Meanwhile, for its application in Indonesia, Proton requested the preparation of the government's electricity infrastructure.

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