Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dominasi Button Buruk bagi F1

London - Voters appear italics followed Jenson Button sensational action since the beginning of this season. Supremo Bernie Ecclestone F1 revealed that the dominance of GP Brawn more harmful than beneficial F1.

Button indeed appear very extraordinary in this season. The UK has won six of seven series that have been held and it was previously done by the former Ferrari racer, Michael Schumacher in 2004.

Button to make the result now firmly in the top Klasemen drivers. Achievement of Button not be by invite only praise but also concern akan decrease the number of spectators Formula 1 that is still half way again.

Concerns that are felt by Ecclestone. "From one side this is the result of a very very good. But also it is very very bad," Ecclestone said dilansir like Crash.

Supremo F1 is also hope the other drivers may rise to compensate Button so exciting competition racing again. However, it seems has not been seen until now.

"Of course, for this super (Button), but not good for the spectators (or) competition. You see a superstar like doing like this but I hope there will be a bit more challenge. This may not come," he said.

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