Friday, November 28, 2008

Ford's Best Car isn't Sold in the U.S.

Speaking of Ford something they should consider doing is bringing the new Ford Mondeo Sedan over to America ASAP, as it would probably be a much stronger competitor to the Japanese mid-sized sedans than their current state-side offerings. While the previous generation (the abysmal Ford Contour) didn’t do so well stateside and there is likely to be some resistance to a car designed by Ford Europe, it’s quite possible that the rather “German Flavored” new model might sell better than their Detroit based offerings.

For instance I’ve never particularly cared for American cars outside of GM’s Pony cars, GMC SUVs and the Corvette and have always purchased German ones, but upon seeing the Ford Mondeo in Europe my first reaction was: “Nice, what kind of car is that, woah, wait, that’s a Ford?!” I’m sure I’m not the only person who would react in that manner to seeing the new Ford Mondeo, especially with its German themed interior.

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