Saturday, November 29, 2008

2 new Honda hybrid vehicles in 2009

What Honda's next hybrid won't look like?

By mid-2009 Honda plans to begin selling its new economy hybrid, which will cost less than the Civic hybrid. Earlier reports indicated the vehicle might be a hybrid version of the Honda Fit, but now it appears the vehicle might be more like Honda's Remix concept.

In addition, Honda is also planning a sports coupe, but it will not look like the one pictured above - previewed at the Geneva Auto show. Instead, the new hybrid coupe is also supposed to be influenced by the Remix.

Perhaps, much like Toyota's plans for the Prius, will Honda make multiple derivatives of the same basic hybrid - two derivatives of a new, unique hybrid? Regardless, Honda is planning to produce 200,000 of these new hybrid cars - a significant uptick in Honda's hybrid vehicle production.

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