Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Honda NSX Based Ferrari 360 Modena Replica up for sale on eBay!

Honda NSX Based Ferrari 360 Modena Replica up for sale on eBay!

Why would someone go into all that hassle and spend so much money to convert a perfectly fine looking supercar like the Honda NSX (sold as the Acura NSX in the States) into a Ferrari 360 Modena replica is beyond us. To be honest, we thought that these things only happened to cars like the Toyota MR2 and the Pontiac Fiero. Between you and me, what would have really blown our minds is if it were the other way around, meaning a 360 Modena turned into an NSX replica. Now that would have been something worth talking about. But anyways.

The Swiss seller of the Acurrari 360 Hondena claims that no expenses were spared during the transformation of the NSX into the Modena. But it gets even better. Here's an extract from the description of the vehicle on eBay:

"For this money you could get a real Ferrari. But everyone can buy a real Ferrari. This genuine Ferrari you can buy only once, as it is the only one in the world. The gasoline consumption is less than half of Ferrari with similar performance, maintenance costs are very much cheaper than Ferrari, and this car has the reliability of Honda ... ( Rust has no chance, in contrast to Ferrari ...)"

Yep, now we're totally convinced that we should spend more than €31,100 / $41,400 -which is the latest bid on eBay as we speak- to buy a vehicle that looks no different than every Tom's, Dick's and Harry's F(i)errari replica.>>MORE...cars-blog.co.cc

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