Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shelby Creates Commemorative 1966 Ford GT40 Replica

Shelby Creates Commemorative 1966 Ford GT40 Replica

Celebrating Carroll Shelby’s 85th birthday, Shelby Distribution USA under license from Shelby Licensing and in partnership with Shelby Automobiles Inc. will build a limited run of replicas based on the original Ford GT40 race cars that dominated the Le Mans in 1966 taking the first three places.

Shelby considers these cars “as newly manufactured variants of the original GT40” and as such, the GT40’s chassis is a near-exact replication of the original race car’s monocoque unibody structure down to the pressed steel roof. The only departure is the use of electro-galvanized sheet steel in the construction. The replicas features an original style fully independent suspension system utilizing an unequal length A-arm design.

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