Monday, May 19, 2008 contest for you

Have you join or visited the site it is the one latest way to get recognized, and you can  for winning a 10.000 USD price or get spotted by an agency for model career.
Now Look Of The Year are looking for people from all over the world to send in their best pictures so use this chance to be the next model working in Paris, New York or Milan.
Join Look of the Year today and start your new life together with beautiful people from all over the world.
Note: You can write in your ALL languages.
it is very big opportunity for youto join this chance , dont missed it. An online beauty contest for anybody. and it is not just a chosen few, but everybody who wants to join! And the judges? Not some secret group but simply everybody who surfs onto and votes.

and   if you don’t win, but  you can be discovered by model agencies, who we invite to take a good look. Who knows you might become a famous model .Are you what the model agencies are looking for? You might never know, so join! And give millions of visitors the chance to rate your pictures.don't be late boys and girl

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