Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nelson Piquet Jr.

Nelson Angelo Piquet (was born on July 25 1985 in Heidelberg Germany) was known also as Nelson Piquet Junior or Nelsinho Piquet, to be the racing driver who came from Brazil.
It was the child from the champion 3 times of F1 Nelson Piquet, one of the racing drivers F1 from Brazil that was successful.
Nelsinho was in the series GP2 during the season 2006 and 2006, and won the race in Belgium in 2005 and occupied the position of the two series champions 2006 GP2.
He gathered in Renault Formula One the team the first time as the tester racing driver in the season 2007 and was promoted to the team's racing driver during the season F1 2008.
Nelsinho at this time was domiciled at Oxford Inggeris.
The Pribadi
His parents were separated after he was born and he was increased in Monaco with his mother, Sylvia Tamsma that came from the Netherlands.
He with his mother until the age 8 years and afterwards moved to Brazil and lived with his father.
His mother wanted so that he could know his father to be better but also hope that he will be far more better if living in Brazil with his father compared with with his mother in Monaco.
Nelsinho had 2 sisters, Kelly and Julia, also 4 brothers, that is geraldo, laszlo, Pedro and Marco.
Before F1

The Piquet race career was begun in 1993 in the Brazil go-kart site, where he raced till 2001 and moved to the formula 3 Sudamericana.
Didikan his father allowed him to race on his team personally, afterwards berlajut to the end he left the Series GP2.
In GP2 he gathered in the race season 2001 till 2002 and to the champion in 4 last races.
In 2002 he also raced one time for Brazilian Formula Renault.
During 2003, Piquet moved to England and gathered with British Formula 3 Championship and memdirikan Piquet Sports Team.
He defeated the series in the third position by pocketing the champion in 6 races, 5 podiums and 8 positions pole.
During 2004, Piquet won British F3 Champ.
He in the age 19 years 2 months became the champion's youngest
racing driver

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