Wednesday, March 26, 2008

formula 1

The Satu formula, was shortened F1, was the class the single highest race of the car of the seat formula.
Consisted of several series of the race that was known with the Grand Prix term.
The race was held in the circuit or the public's road in the city that was closed for the public.
Results determined two degrees of the world champion, one for the racing driver and other to konstruktor.
In the race, the race car could achieve the speed 300 km/h (185 mph) that was produced by the machine that could achieve the power as big as 900 horsepower in the round of the machine around 18,000 rpm (per 2005).
Europe was the centre of the Satu formula tradition and continues to become his centre till now.
Now the Grand Prix is held all over the corner of the world, with the series of the new race in Bahrain, RRT, Malaysia and Turki.
The Satu formula was the most expensive car race both in the aspect of the production and his sport.

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