Friday, December 31, 2010

Auto Salon Aussie Car of the Month

Part of the reason for getting the custom hubs also revolves around Theo's choice for braking hardware. Behind the 18x9-inch and 18x10-inch Advan RG rims (front and rear, respectively) lies a set of Strange's carbon brake rotors and calipers. Just about the ultimate in race bling, they're normally found on Top Fuel drag machines and are worth around $9000. Able to stop the 9000hp, four-second, 600km/h Top Fuellers from 400km/h in 200m, they're super light and have an important role in improving the rotating mass of the car, as every kilo of rotating mass is worth four kilos to the chassis.

One of the benefits to doing it this way is that they were able to paint the whole car, inside, outside, top and bottom in the distinctive R34 GT-R Bayside Blue, including that sexy custom integral roll cage built by Zagari Engineering with 4130-quality pipework to suit both CAMS and ANDRA regulations. With the 40L fuel cell in the rear full to the brim, Theo's blue flier tips the scales at a waif-like 1068kg, though when you look at the interior accruements it isn't hard to see where so much weight was saved.

While all this sounds like a dream list for ever-lasting competition-smashing drag happiness, Theo just wants to run a number, then re-tune the car for circuit work. What's the goal? Well, once the methanol is all set up, Theo's figuring that a 1.63 60ft time is possible, which should be good enough for an 8.6 second quarter. That first 18m is crucial to getting a cracking time, but with all the goodies packed into this iridescent hell wagon, we don't doubt for a second that it'll crack that eight second barrier wide open.

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