Monday, September 27, 2010


Toyota Motor Corporation said it would produce a small hybrid car in the factory Valenciennes, France, in 2012. Principals began to inject an additional investment of funds 53 million euros, or USD 638.5 billion to make it happen.

Toyota is trying to strengthen the hybrid market in the Blue Continent by creating a new model after the success with the Prius. Currently, the factory producing the Yaris in France since 2001 and employs 3,000 people with production capacity of 270,000 units per year.

"We are very grateful to the authorities who have given assistance on this project. Financial aid from central and local governments and local authorities have promoted the implementation of this program," said President Director Makoto Sano Toyota France.

Toyota has started producing hybrid cars Auris in the UK in June. Meanwhile, there has been no announcement about the hybrid model to be produced in France, whether or Yaris Auris. To be sure, the appointment of production location in the City of Blue Wine difficult it will supply the hybrid units to all corners of Europe to the eastern region.

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