Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mercedes-Benz to Reveal Four Customized GLK SUVs at SEMA

Mercedes-Benz to Reveal Four Customized GLK SUVs at SEMA

The marketing folks over at Mercedes seem to have had their fill with the GLK’s femme fatal promo campaign that began with the compact SUV’s appearance at the “Sex and the City Movie” as they are now getting ready to target the male audience with the introduction of four customized versions of the GLK at the this year's SEMA show, taking place November 4-7 in Las Vegas. The customized GLKs are being prepared by RENNTech, Brabus, Boulevard Customs and Legendary Motor Cars.

Starting off with RENNTech’s Rally Racer, the Florida-based tuning firm said that it has taken inspiration from the iconic Pikes Peak Hillclimb to create this special GLK concept that will be powered by a hybrid-powertrain.

Brabus on its behalf will present the GLK300 BLUETEC Widestar equipped with a wide body aero kit that includes flowing front and rear wheel arch flares and redesigned front and rear bumpers complemented with bespoke wheels and a matching interior.

Continuing with Boulevard Customs, the Florida-based firm’s GLK proposition is dubbed “The Urban Whip” and it features a wide body styling kit, massive 26-inch wheels and tires, redesigned interior and a seriously upgraded stereo system.

Finally, Legendary Motor Cars is readying the “Four Corners Rock Crawler” equipped with massive off-road wheels, roof lights and what the company describes as an “innovative winching system to propel skate and wakeboarders up to speed and actually ‘grind’ down the vehicle's specially integrated side rails” – whatever that means.

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