Saturday, August 30, 2008

3D Piping Designers Quality Technical

Easily build, fabricate or design any piping system including sanitary, high purity, HVAC or general. PipeDesigner 3D gives mechanical contractors, engineering firms, and manufacturers all the benefits of 3D without all the hassle.

Why PipeDesigner 3D
Quickly draw complete systems.
Sophisticated auto-routing selects and inserts the correct pipe, fittings, joints, elbows, tees, gaskets, gaps, and couplings, all based on customizable specifications.

Do it your way.
QuickPen's exclusive relationships with vendors like Tri-Clover®, NIBCO® and Victaulic® mean PipeDesigner 3D's databases contain the actual engineering specs for their fittings rather than generic information culled from catalogs.

Produce accurate, consistent drawings.
PipeDesigner 3D eliminates mistakes - it knows how fittings go together, which ones don't, and what combinations simply won't work. All views and data are contained in one flexible model.

Share data easily.
Our exclusive Virtual Solid Modeling Engine drastically reduces file sizes so you can easily collaborate with other trades.

Save on purchasing and field labor.
Produce multiple-formatted material lists and detailed spool drawings to help you streamline purchasing and guide fabrication and installation.
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